Sexy Saturday Picks


I see a lot of #SoSS posts and realize I am not that great with doing things, what I see as, the “proper” way of doing them, so thought I would try it this way first. 🙂

Maybe this will get me in the right frame of mind for another time (you never know).

Anyway, I decided to pick 2 of my favorite posts for the week from each category I have started following and/or participating in:

Masturbation Monday:

Exposed was yummy! I felt a part of this sexy hot shower scene.

Always was hauntingly sexy and erotic.

TMI Tuesday:

The Pink Seam – Great answers and entertaining, especially about the dentist! 😉

Floss – Love her explanation of name, her saying and her random Harry Potter extra! 🙂

Extra: Maitre – This one is my Daddy’s responses and quite love his saying and absolutely love his random extra!! ❤

Wicked Wednesday:

Mark Me – a definite relatable story about marks

Shades of Purple – a wonderfully light sexy story about her birthday gift and something she will remember when using said gift because of her silly friends. Loved this!

Sinful Sunday:

Since these are sexy pics I am putting them last.

Little Switch Bitch – Love me some cute socks!!

Annie Savoy – Her heart pic is the sweetest!

There are so many others that I liked from all these categories. I am finding out about other weekly posts to join in and am having a lot of fun doing so!!

So far, these are the ones I have participated in:

Sinful Sunday – Found on Molly’s Daily Kiss

Masturbation Monday – Found on Kayla Lords Site

TMI Tuesday – Blog found here

Wicked Wednesday – On Marie Rebelle’s blog

I have not participated in any others yet, as I am just getting started in the last two weeks to jump in.  I hope you find others you enjoy from my sharing and happy writing/reading/finding new blogs to read!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 🙂

Kat xx

*SS Pic from Pinterest

Oh How The Mind and Body React – NSFW


Here I lay on our bed, legs tied apart to the posts on each corner, head propped up by pillows, in my beautiful purple corset, holdups and hair up in a pony tail and Daddy sitting in a leather armed chair just where he can watch me back from the foot of the bed.  He has left my hands free at the moment and I am waiting for his direction.

“Kitten, I want you to slowly, with your right hand touch the lips of your cunt and only your lips, moving up and down, from the tip around your clit to the lower part near your butt.  Then with your left hand play with your nipples.  Show Daddy how much you enjoy touching yourself for him.” He said.

“Yes Sir.” I said.  As I was wide open for him to see all, I felt vulnerable yet extremely horny, as I slid my fingers up and down my lips and pinched and caressed my nipples.

“Good girl. That’s it, slowly” he said as did so, “Look at me, don’t look away and don’t close your eyes.  Yes.  Imagine you are being watched by several Dom/mes and subs.  They are surrounding us, around my chair and the bed.  Your eyes stay on me, knowing they are here watching.  Now, dip your fingers, two of them, into your cunt and tell me what you feel.”

“Wet Daddy. Very horny.”

“Good girl.  That’s it, continue slowly sliding those fingers in and out.  Squeeze on your fingers with those lovely muscles that love to squeeze Daddy’s cock so hard.”

“Mmm, yes Sir, Daddy.”

“That’s my Kitten, my little minx.  Show me how much you enjoy touching yourself for me.  Oh yes.”

I sigh, more like a purring sound, and continue touching and fingering myself.  Oh how my mind and body react to his words.  Getting wetter and feeling the excitement building in my body, the sensations taking over my actions as I start to finger fuck myself harder and moan with the pleasure.

“Kitten…stop!” he says all of a sudden seeing me come close to climax.

I moan, stop myself and say, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

He then stands, goes to one side and ties my wrist to the upper post on the right side then walks to the left side and does the same.  He then walks over to the foot of the bed and looks down at me.  “It’s Daddy’s turn,” he says with a gleam in his eyes.  I see the crop in his hand and he starts peppering me with pops from the crop up and down my legs and then a few good pops to my cunt that has me squealing. Once he feels pleased with his marks on me he drops the crop and dives in to my cunt. Licking my clit, my lips up and down, plunging his tongue into my pussy and not letting up until I am gasping.

He then stops for a second to look up at me, face glistening with my juices and he is back in, both tongue and fingers this time.  Finger fucking my cunt and licking my clit so fast it feels like a vibrator.  It didn’t take long till I was begging him to let me cum.  He waited a bit more into my begging before he finally told me to cum.  I did, and wow, did I ever!

He was not done however.  He picked up the Doxy and before I had even come down from that orgasm he had me buzzing back up to another.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even wiggle from it, and there was no escaping the fast building orgasm that was about to explode through me again.  I didn’t even have to beg. Daddy just said, “Cum for me now kitten!” And I did.

Once I did, Daddy loosened the ties on my legs and arms, pulled me down to the end of the bed and impaled me with his rock hard cock.  So hard it brought me back up quickly and as he reached his orgasm with mine he said, “You. Are. Mine!” with the last three pumps and we both cried out in our pleasure.

He then pulled out and climbed up with me, cradling me in his arms and just holding me for a while. Both of us basking in each other and what we share.

Kat xx

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Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

TMI Tuesday – Why is eating bad food, like having bad sex?


1. Do you like tattoos? Do you have any tattoos?  I love tattoos, especially if they mean something special to the person.  Yes I have tattoos.

2. How did you pick your online profile name? Just wanted something with “kitten or Kat” since Daddy calls me Kitten most of the time and including Kink (Kinx) in it for my writing.

3. What’s one saying you try to live by? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I have always believed that what you give out into the world you get back.

4. What was the last bad meal you ate? Why was it so awful? I can’t remember what my last bad meal was and why it was so awful…, I believe it was when I tried fish for breakfast. Nope, not me.

5. When was your last bad sexual encounter? Why was it so awful? I think my last bad sexual encounter was a few years ago when I was trying really hard to make things good and it ended up being worse.

Bonus: Tell us something random.  – Random….hmmm….I want to learn a new language!

Follow the following link to TMI Tuesday:

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sorority Shenanigans Part 3 – NSFW


As the girls are getting back from the football game, Alena and Deanna in their cheerleaders uniforms of short skirts, bloomers and tight tops, and Lena, Beth and Jenna in their dance uniforms, same tight tops but tight bottoms as if painted on, they discussed getting showers and going out to celebrate the win.

They come through the door of the sorority house all talking at once in excitement.  “Okay okay okay,” said Lena, “Lets get our showers ladies!”

“Hold up!” Beth says. “Will you gals please shave me? I can’t get all the areas I need to. Please!”

Deanna looked at the others and they all smile. “Sure we can.” Deanna says.  “We should do that first though and then you can take a shower to wash off after.”

“Oh thank you!” Beth says.

They all get upstairs to one of the bedrooms, have Beth and Jenna both lay down on the bed, deciding they would do them both at the same time.  The girls take off their tight bottoms, since there was no room to wear knickers under them.  Deanna and Lena each do the shaving and Alena gets the towels and wet clothes.  As the girls are shaving, Alena is wiping down the girls and getting more shaving cream on them.  Deanna was just about done with Beth.  Alena, seeing this, held up her first finger to Deanna to hold on.  She leaned down and sticking out her tongue, licked the upper area of Beth’s cunt.  She heard Beth take in a deep breath.

“A little more right on the top, Deanna.”

She then went over to Lena and Jenna and did the same to Jenna.  Jenna also took in a deep breath at the touch of Alena’s tongue on her upper pussy and clit area.

“A little more closer to the clit Lena.”

So, the girls went back to those areas and were able to get them smoother.

Alena went back to Beth first and first touched the area with her tongue, then her finger.  Taking that finger, she moved it down Beth’s cunt to see how smooth she was, saying, “Deanna, great job! She is very smooth.” She then moved her finger into Beth’s cunt and then two. “Mmmm, seems like someone enjoyed it very much too, huh, Beth?”

Beth nodded her agreement, unable to speak being breathless from feeling so horny from Alena’s touch.

“See Deanna, feel how smooth that is.” And Deanna proceeded to follow Alena’s lead and finger Beth as Beth lets out a low moan. “Oh yes, very smooth, if I do say so myself,” says Deanna.

Alena then moves to Jenna, doing the same.  “Well I see it has affected you, Jenna, in the same way as Beth.”  What do you think Lena?” Lena feels Jenna and says, “Why yes, Alena, I believe you are right.” Lena continues fingering Jenna with low moans coming from Jenna as well.

The girls continue to finger Beth and Jenna as Alena takes turns going back and forth from Beth to Jenna and back again, sucking on their nipples, licking their clits and pinching their nipples.  It doesn’t take long before both girls cry out with their orgasms.

“Well, that went well!” Said Alena. “Now showers!”

They all throw off their clothes in a big heap and run to the shower.  This one is big enough for them all to fit in.  So they all jump in and start lathering each other and helping each other wash off.   Beth and Jenna double team Alena while Deanna and Lena enjoy watching and touching each other.  Beth fingers Alena while Jenna moves from Alena’s clit to her nipples, playing with each until Alena lets out of shout with her orgasm.  They then move over to Deanna and Lena and with Alena’s help they both are not long before their orgasms rocket through them.

They all finish washing off, get dressed, helping each other with makeup and accessories and out the door they go to meet up with the others to celebrate.

KK xx


Once again, Daddy asked me to continue this story of Sorority Shenanigans.  So, I hope you enjoy. ~ KK

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Shared…4 Ways FOMO Kills Your Productivity – The Smutlancer


Ugh! This is soooo me!!  Kayla has some great insight on blogging and getting things, like your writing done, instead of focusing on things you might be missing out on. Like she uses as an example… I am so worried about how others do their writing and/or the topics showing up that I want to touch on, so question whether to do them or not since that person did it.

I don’t see my writing as exquisite or catching as others. But then thinking about responses I get, shows me that I am touching people with my writing anyway! (Pay attention Kat! *rolling eyes here*)  So this is a great reminder and kick in the pants to get on with it and do your thing! 😉

So enjoy this bit of wisdom and happy writing!

Thank you for this Kayla/The Smutlancer!!

KK xx

TMI Tuesday


1. If you had three wishes that would come true, what would they be?  Let’s see….    1) To not be afraid to speak my mind. 2) To enjoy the world in travel. 3) Have the money to do what I need to and to benefit others as well.

2. What are your favorite things to spend money on?  My favorite things to spend money on are all the things I need of course, but then there is toys, implements, trips and fun things, for me and those I love.

3. If you could write a song about your life, what type of music would you use?  I would use pop/new age/country mix to get that fun/funky/love life kind of vibe that is me.

4. If you could choose your partner again, would you choose the same person?  No I don’t think I would choose someone like my ex.  I would choose someone like my Daddy.

5. When it comes to discussing your sex life, who do you confide in more than anyone else? That would be, once again, my Daddy. We share so much

Bonus: What’s your definition of cheating? Is there really such a thing?  For those in a monogamous relationship, I believe that, my cheating definition to be, having sex (whether oral or other) with someone else behind your partners back…and it kills a relationship. (Duh!)   Even with those in a poly lifestyle, there needs to be consent when having a relationship sexually with another person out of the norm.   And I definitely believe there is such a thing.

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I Am All About The Legs


So this is my first time participating in Sinful Sunday

“>Sinful Sunday.  Being safe with a sexy leg shot since I am always told how sexy my legs are 😉

KK xx

Sinful Sunday