This submissive being – Me

I am somewhat new to this lifestyle and understanding my place in it.  I knew from the very beginning of finding it that I am all submissive.  I have always wanted to please others.  I have had to be in control of most of my adult life and am one that wants to be controlled (in a loving protective way), or at least guided by someone.  Learning more and more of the lifestyle made me find other parts and pieces that make me a whole in this vast makeup of BDSM-D/s. I have learned the parts that were missing in sex to make it more interesting and fun instead of monotonous and, dare I say it, Vanilla.

I have learned that the reason I felt turned on and wet when thrown over a knee and spanked was a button for me in my kinky nature.  That the reason chills went down my neck and into my other body parts when my hair was pulled was also another button for me.  And these are just examples of the things I have found in the last few years.

My need for consistency, stability and support have been overpowering and I am realizing I have found it in my Daddy.  He has shown and given me so much that I thought I would never find.  I have experienced so many firsts and so many things I never thought possible because of him and feel I must be the luckiest girl in the whole world.  I thank him every day, if not verbally than by trying to do little things for him, and always thanking him in my head. But most of all by giving him my submission and love every day.

This submissive being I have found and am understanding more and more every day feels like she is spreading her wings and flying. This submissive being that is me.


11 thoughts on “This submissive being – Me

  1. How are you doing now being new to this kind of relationship? I’m in a D/s relationship and this is my first one. Like you, I finally feel like I know what I’ve always wanted. This has been the most successful and connected relationship I’ve ever had. I fully credit that with me being submissive to my Dom. Hope you are having as much success! What has worked for you in creating your relationship?

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    1. Hi! I have never felt more connected, cared for, loved than I do in my relationship I have now with my Daddy/Dom. We respect each other and are open with one another. I call him Daddy because he is a protective, caring, spanking loving Dom. He calls me babygirl and kitten because I have those tenancies to act childish and childlike at times, love being taken care of and guided in things I need guidance in, though I do not dress as such. Even though we are a long distance relationship at this time, we have been together a few times in person and have gotten closer along with trusting one another and communicating. I love what we have and so very happy for you that you have found the relationship that makes you happy! xx

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      1. I am so happy you are happy in your relationship!
        How do you keep your relationship going long distance? I travel a lot for work and would love some ideas!

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