He gets me through


Speaking from this sub point of view, I have been so out of sync lately that I just feel if I was with Daddy right now, all would be fine and just right.  But due to my crazy life and the “stuff” I am dealing with, we are apart for now.  And it is driving me NUTS! 

We talk daily and message daily throughout the day.  But its just not the same as when you are right there together, able to touch and talk face to face.  I am yearning for this more and more every day.  

Its like a craving.  You have had it once or twice and because of this you want it more.  Crave it, want it, need it, got to have it….NOW!

I know we will get there but the getting through all the other stuff is the pits.  I have the best Dom/Daddy a girl could ever have.  I am thankful every day to have him in my life.  Knowing he loves me as much, if not more (yes I know, Daddy), than I love him, is amazing to me. And knowing this gets me through these times. It pulls me through.  

Kitty Kat

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