LDR – Long Distance Relationship


A long distance relationship (LDR) is so damn hard! 

One minute you feel totally in sync with your partner, the next you feel totally unattached and inadequate.  At least that is me.  I try so hard to not do this.  It doesn’t help when I get this way.  I get emotional and even depressed letting my over active thoughts go wild and crazy.  I know they are unsubstantial and not true and yet I start believing them.  

Why I do this, I don’t understand.  I know he loves me.  I know I am special to him and we are so good together.  I love him so very much and want to be all he needs, all in one person.  

This is how I was yesterday. We didn’t have hardly any contact all day; circumstances didn’t allow it. So, we were distant from each other, no communication hardly and missing each other like crazy!

So when we finally get to talk there is tension and miscommunication and I over-think about it all night and don’t get hardly any sleep for it.  

Then today was basically the same and when we finally talk we blow up at each other and both feel so distant from one another.  We finally calm down and talk and spend the time we have been craving together just talking and reconnecting.  

It sucks being so far apart and unable to connect when we want to.  It’s like a part of ourselves is missing until we are back together again.

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