LD Playdate

IMG_2394Daddy and I have a playdate planned for this afternoon/evening.  I am to wear my  costume of choice and all the fixings.  There will of course be spankings involved and then toy play.

My thoughts are all over the place in wondering what Daddy will do and what he will have me do.  Maybe have me wear my butt gem while we play, and/or nipple clams.  Maybe use the wand or one of the other wonderful fun toys that we enjoy.  One, or many, possibly.  Sometimes he tells me a few hours prior to either put in my Kegel balls or my butt gem, which really get me keened up for play.  All I know is the sound of his voice and his guidance in the play is what gets me excited the most.

Having an extremely over-active imagination is a benefit to us both when we play long distance.  It is nothing in comparison to being in the same physical space, but knowing we will eventually get there, and get there for good soon, keeps us determined and eager to make it work. And believe it or not, our playdates keep us connected and centered with each other.

I am a blessed kitten baby girl to have a Daddy Dom that loves me as he does.

Kitty Kat

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