Extra long play time -NSFW

As directed by Daddy, I am in holdups, heels, thong and hair in a braid. I come downstairs and lay out all the toys and implements on the table as Daddy has requested. I then walk over to where he sits in an arm chair. He stands and tells me to sit on the foot rest. I do so and he walks over to the table.

He chooses something and walks over behind me and places the leather blindfold over my eyes. He then walks back to the table and I hear him moving around and picking up something, moving things around then is back over to me telling me to hold out my arms, one at a time as he puts wide cuffs on them. He tells me to stand and hold his hands as he leads me to the iron bars in the room where he has me reach through two levels and he clasps them together. He tells me to stand legs wide and stick my arse out. I do this and listen as he walks away for a moment.

He is back and begins peppering me with the small flogger. It feels as though I am being embraced and caressed. Then he changes to the crop. Stingy pops and slaps all over my cheeks, breasts and thighs. Then he continues with the larger flogger. This is even more intense and caressing along with harder more intense moments all together.

He changes over to the longer crop and gives me quite a few stingy pops before saying he will be back and to not move.

I stand there listening for him to come back and after about 10-15 minutes he is back. He uses the flogger a few more times, moves some things around, unhooks my cuffs and guides me to a short table to sit on. I sit and he hands me a vibrator toy. He wants me to edge as he watches.

I am so close several times but tell him I am not able to get to the edge for him. He then takes the toy, takes the blindfold off and leads me to the foot rest, tells me to put a few cushions on it and to lay over them for my next spanking. He is disappointed I wasn’t able to edge.

He proceeds with the crop first, then on to the small then large leather paddles, of which I am crying by the end of, then the wooden paddle. I am so close to saying the yellow word, but he stops right before I do. He tells me what a good girl I am, has me lay on the couch and he hands me a toy with clit vibrator. I begin as he sits below me coaxing me on and I come and then he has me come again!

What a playtime!! So damn intense! I then give back to Daddy by getting him off as well. What a wonderful play session we had!

KK xx

*Pic from Pinterest

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