Playtime antics

Fun playtimes to me are when Daddy has me dress up. So many different ways; cheerleader, school girl, ballerina, maid, flight attendant and nurse are the costumes. Then sexy dress in corset/hold ups/heels, just hold ups and heels, or sexy lingerie.

No matter how I dress, we always begin with spankings. Either discipline or good girl spankings, there is always spankings first before play.

How do you enjoy your playtimes?

KK xx

9 thoughts on “Playtime antics

  1. It is hard to pinpoint a certain thing as ‘fun’. I think the fun time for me is the time after a scene where we talk and laugh and snuggle. Our scenes are very intense even when we are enjoying vanilla sex. The afterglow where we talk is so incredible.

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    1. That’s so wonderful! You’re so right. There is the serious part of playtime and the fun. We enjoy each other so much, as you both do. Thank you so much for sharing❤️xx


  2. I’ve never really dressed up in role play as it’s not really our thing, and I’d worry about feeling silly I think. Except for bunny tails and cat ears though…hmm. I enjoy, however, dressing up in the sexy stuff. Our scenes also tend to be more on the intense side, although still fun, but if I end up giggling away then that’s always funny. We have fun in the day to day moments in a different way.

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    1. Oh we have intense play also. I guess I just see the whole thing as fun/enjoyable/enlightening/amazing…so much more. Looovve my cat tail and ears😉
      It’s always wonderful to know you can be so loved that it’s okay to have those giggling moments together during scenes too!
      Thank you so much for sharing❤️xx

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