An amazing moment

One thing I can say…it’s good to have Daddy around when I go into one of my anxiety modes. He senses it and makes me focus on him, just like he did today. I had a lot to do as we were having people over for dinner tonight, had to deal with work and had to take care of things for us. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious.

Daddy felt all this, made me turn to him as we sat at the table, hold his hands and look him in the face and tell him what was wrong. It made me focus on him, my crazy in-overdrive-mind slow down and calm down about it all and talk about it.

That was an amazingly appreciated moment!!❤️

KK xx

4 thoughts on “An amazing moment

  1. My Dom is the same way. He takes amazing care of me. We have goals for me in our relationship and at times I have gotten discouraged and impatient. He is always there to reassure me and tell me that there is no reason to be discouraged. He tells me he is proud of me. He often tells me “I’m not going anywhere” which makes me calm and content. He always knows how to make me feel better.

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