I don’t know…

I don’t know what has gotten in to me this past week…PMS, anxiety, feeling of complete overwhelming, any of these things could be the culprit, but I just know it has thrown me off this week.  It makes me frustrated and not liking myself in the least.  I feel I try to get things done and can’t.  I feel I have so many projects in the works and can’t even finish one.  It’s so frustrating and makes me feel inadequate in so many ways.

From the last year, I know this is part anxiety and trying to work with correcting things I let get the best of me.  I am working through them and doing what I can yet still feel bad.  My Daddy tries to make me feel better yet at times doesn’t understand. This is not his fault and thank goodness he continues to try!

Just had to jot this down and now will work on my post…

KK xx

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