Unexpected Improved Life – Day 19 of 30 Days of Kink

fullsizeoutput_475cDay 19: Any Unexpected Ways Kink Has Improved Your Life? If So, What Are They?

Unexpectedly, through kink, I have learned I can trust again, I have learned the importance of communication, I have learned there are other ways of life to make me happy, and, I have learned soooo much more about me!

I lost my trust in my last relationship.  So, to be able to trust someone again is amazing to me.  It scares me but I know I can and that I have to trust myself too.

Communication is so important in any relationship.  And I know for a fact it is extremely, and can be even more important, in a relationship such as a D/s relationship.  Where safety is so necessary that it is a must for communication to be constantly open.

Because of the openness, willing to learn new things, open communication and amazing trust that is shared, I am amazed at how it has all improved my life at this point.

Kat xx

*Pic used from Tumblr


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