Sexy Saturday’s #SoSS


Masturbation Monday:

A Birthday Treat by Miss Eve E. – A short fun birthday treat of masturbation for him

Art Class by Posy Churchgate – Sexy model/artist excitement

Just Listen by Ria Restrepo – Loved this, where there is sexy talk over the phone

Wicked Wednesday:

Falling Leaves by Love is A Paraphilia – Hot written story in the midst of posts about writing

Writer’s Writing by Cara Thereon – From journals, to blogging to sex blogging, loved reading her story

Writing is the Painting of the Voice by A Leap of Faith – Reading about her changes and happenings in her writing and her life reminds me we all go through things that help us learn, especially about ourselves

Sinful Sunday Faves:

Electromagnetic Spanking by Submissy

Under the Covers by Captured Soul

The Cave by The Library of Nell

Some other prompts to check out:

TMI Tuesday

Food For Thought Friday

(This past Friday)

Friday Flash

(This past week was Listen and I really enjoyed reading these posts! Have fun!)

Kat xx



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