Daydream – Friday Flash #35


This has a mild NSFW content, just FYI.

As we sit here in the dark cozy pub with friends in our favorite booth, I find myself drifting into daydreams.  Daydreams of just a short time ago.  Of wrists tied. Legs spread.  Glowing bottom getting redder by the second, so warm and sore.  Being brought to the brink by your skilled tongue and fingers again and again before finally toppling over into bliss.

I take a sip of my wine as I look at you with a knowing smile on my lips and my eyes show you what I am thinking of.

I then go back to that daydream and there is licking and sucking. In and out. Popping sounds with my mouth. Gagging sounds as you knock the back of my throat and I moan.

Oh, did I just do that out loud?  Oops.  You squeeze my leg with your hand.  I look up at that mischievous all-knowing smile.  A quick pat on my now wet again mound as you tell everyone we are leaving.  With giggles from me and a big grin on your face, we duck out of the cozy pub and make our way to our place for another scene to daydream about.


See who else is joining in on this Friday Flash

Kat xx

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