Daddy/kitten world

When I am with Daddy, I feel happy and content. Like the rest of the world is nothing to worry about. I get lost in just being together, which is wonderful and amazing. May not be practical at times, I know, with all I have to do and responsibilities I have, but it’s nice to escape into my own Daddy/kitten world.

A world where we do things together through the day, have our play times, have fun cooking together and then our snuggle times.

I am so happy when we can just be together and be.

KK xx

Challenge accepted


So, put out a challenge about 4 days ago and I am just now getting to that challenge.  The challenge is to write 50, yes 50, interesting things about yourself that we might not know.

Here are mine:

  1. I love wearing comfy clothes when I am at home doing nothing
  2. I love music
  3. I love all genres of music
  4. I love singing and dancing to music, yes you might laugh out loud seeing me dance 🙂
  5. I love wearing sexy clothes and lingerie
  6. I love to try new foods
  7. I like wine and beer but only in moderation, one or two glasses at a time and that is it
  8. I love family times
  9. I am a flirt
  10. I love to make people happy
  11. Laughter makes me happy and makes me laugh too
  12. I don’t like my body but I do have certain parts of my body I like
  13. My best feature, I feel, are my eyes
  14. I love blogging and sharing things I love
  15. I love to cook, especially with and for my Daddy
  16. I don’t like to be made a fuss over, yet I love it at the same time. Does that make sense?
  17. I am trying hard to learn not to take on others’ problems
  18. I am learning to take care of me
  19. I am extremely sensitive to others and their feelings and emotions
  20. I am strong in so many ways
  21. I like to try and learn to do new things
  22. I will drive you crazy asking “why?” because I love to learn
  23. I have written an erotic adventure book
  24. I am a sexual being
  25. I trust people too easily at times
  26. I overthink/overanalyze/overdo
  27. I absolutely love to give and receive oral sex
  28. I can be a bit “cheeky” at times and Daddy loves to call me on it
  29. I love animals
  30. I love going on walks
  31. I am scatter minded and things interrupt my train of thought easily
  32. But when I am focused and determined I get things done
  33. I take what people say to heart too easily
  34. I can be sarcastic and quick witted when needed
  35. I like to think of new things to do to keep my mind active
  36. I am always willing to do fun things with friends
  37. Exercise is hard to make myself do but I love the way I feel once done
  38. *starting to get hard here* I like helping others when I can
  39. I would love to learn other languages (other than English)
  40. I want to see the world
  41. I am submissive to Daddy and only him
  42. I have found I am a masochist but not extreme
  43. I find I say things sometimes without thinking, like swearing/cussing, or saying things when upset without thinking first
  44. I hate confrontation
  45. I love change yet it scares the crap out of me
  46. I love routine yet I get bored easily
  47. I am very creative (bet you couldn’t guess that)
  48. I am quiet when you first meet me, but once I know you, watch out! Ha!
  49. I have done a lot of first with Daddy
  50. I love to fly, ride a boat, ride on a train, ride in a sports car (and drive!) and I especially love anything that moves fast!

Okay that was hard!! It took a lot of thinking, like I don’t do enough of that! LOL!  So, now I hope you will continue the challenge and would love to read what you come up with. Enjoy!!

KK xx

Places I would like to see

IMG_3590I have so much going on in my head right now it is hard to pin down one thing to talk about.  So, thinking about things I would like to do and places I would like to go I decided to make a list of places I would really like to go and see.

My list:

*France – Paris and as many of the wine areas as possible

*Italy – Venise and again, as many of the wine areas as possible

*Greece – Athens and all the beautiful scenic ocean views

*Germany – Munich, Berlin and any historical beautiful areas

*Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and just all the beauty there

*Switzerland – Geneva, Interlaken and all the beautiful lush land and mountains

*India – Taj Mahal and so many other beautiful bright places

*England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland – love them all

These are just a few of the places on my list.  Definitely not all of the ones I would like to see.

What is on your list of places to see?

KK xx

*Pic of France from Pinterest

We come together

IMG_3571We come together with one desire

To hold and know each other through passion’s fire

We find there is more the more we share

In laughter, love, arguments and care

What once was a physical need

Is now a feeling that has freed

Us both from the worlds troubles and feeling of aloneness

To love’s happiness and feelings of oneness


*Pic by Jover

Are you ready…to continue?

IMG_3470“Are you ready to continue, Kitten?”

I groan, “yes Daddy, if you wish. I am ready.”

I can hear the grin on Daddy’s face as he says, “What is it babygirl? Do you need something from Daddy?”

“I am hanging on the edge Daddy. May I please cum?”

“I see. We are almost there darling girl.  Not yet.”

I take a deep breath and say, “Yes, Sir.”

“I am just getting to my new paddle I have been wanting to use on my baby’s lush bottom.  And here we go, Kitten.”

“Yes, Sir, Daddy.”

He picks up the new wooden paddle with holes in it and begins softly around my cheeks and upper thighs.  As he continues he gets harder with his hits and I am yelping by the time he stops. He places the paddle beside me on the bed and reaches in to feel how sopping wet I am.

“So, is Daddy’s girl ready to come for me?”

“Oh yes, Pleeeaassse, Daddy!”

He pushes two fingers in reaching my g-spot along with circling my clit and when he feels I am about to fall over the edge he whispers in my ear, “Cum for me babygirl, cum!”

I orgasm so hard, I shout my pleasure out.

“Good girl.”

“Thank you Daddy,” I say breathlessly.

“Oh, we are just getting started, Kitten.”