Here Kitty Kitty-NSFW


**I haven’t participated in Masturbation Monday since I was a guest! I am here to try my somewhat inexperienced hand again. In the words of Kayla Lords: “This image was photographed by Molly Moore and originally published as Treat by Cara Thereon, and it’s used with permission from both.”

Here I kneel on the bed with my cute kitty ears on, my sweet pink collar with the bell and my gorgeous kitty butt plug tail wrapped around to my knee.  It took a bit to work up to this plug that is with my beautiful tail.  But I am now comfortable enough to wear it and get the yummy sensations from it.

I had received a message from Daddy right as I was finishing my writing for the day. He said he wanted to see his kitten as his favorite Halloween pet in all her glory when he got home.  So, seeing I had about an hour before he arrived home, I closed my laptop, had a nice warm shower, put out the possible implements and toys he might want to use and dressed myself in my favorite kitty things and knelt on the bed just before I hear his car pull up outside.

Feeling the sensations from the tail plug, I know I am already wet.  Just thinking of our coming playtime as he walks in the door gets me even wetter.  I hear him place his things down on the table and remove his shoes.  He is walking toward our room where I wait, calling out, “here Kitty Kitty.”  Then as he walks through the bedroom door and sees me, he makes a deep sound in his chest and says, “there’s my kitty.”

He walks over to the bed, sits down beside me and looks at me for a few minutes before leaning in and giving me an extremely passionate kiss.  Mmmm…I have a feeling our play time will be intense.

“Okay, Kitten, you have been a good girl this week so we will do a maintenance spanking before we play. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great Daddy.”

“Great! Head down, ass up, Kitten. Here we go.”  He picked up the brush and proceeded to pepper my cheeks and upper thighs until there was a nice pink blush.  Then he continued with the leather paddle and the solid thumping had me dripping and a bright red.  Finally, the crop was picked up and I melted into the sharp pats and slaps covering my upper thighs, each of my cheeks and wet cunt.  I was panting and squealing by the time he was finished and he then had me roll over on my back.

“Open your legs Kitten.” I did so and he said, “Good girl.”

More pops on my pussy lips and more squealing and giggling from me.  He loves hearing me at this point, knowing he will not have to do much to get me to the point of cumming for him.

“Is Daddy’s Kitten going to cum for him?”

“Oh yes Daddy!”

“Good.” With this he bent down and began finger fucking me, first with two fingers and then with three.  As he was doing this he is licking and sucking my clit.  With each thrust of his fingers and the sensations of his tongue tickling my clit, I was carried away by the emotions flowing over and through me.  It does not take long before I am right on the edge.

“Oh, Daddy, I need to cum, please!”

“Are you sure Kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy, Please!!”

“Yes, Kitten cum for Daddy now!”

I yell out and soak Daddy’s fingers as I cum.  Once I catch my breath I ask, “May I take care of you now Daddy?”

“Yes my darling girl and then Daddy will play some more with his Kitten.”

Mmmm…as I thought… intense!