An Erotic Journey


He could smell cookies and peppermint as he walked in the door.  She was no where around so he went in search of her.

As he walked in the room, he found her laying on the bed with twinkling lights surrounding her.  With just an opening at her feet for him to reach her.  She watched as he approached.  He took her in from head to toe.  She was dressed in her red babydoll he had gotten her with the thong to match, hold ups and her red heels to match.  Her beautiful long auburn hair up in a lush pony tail just as he liked it.

She saw his lust grow in his eyes as he took in her appearance and watched as his cock grew in his trousers as he walked around to her feet in the stiletto heels he had gotten her on their last trip.

“Look at my Kitten.  You are a beautiful edible site for Daddy right now. Do not move.  I will be back.”  And he walked into the large closet they shared.  As he returned a few minutes later he was naked and holding some implements and toys in his hands.

Looking at him in all his hard glory made her long for him to touch her and take her in his hands. To be his toy.

“Okay, baby girl.  You want to play.  Daddy is ready.”  He walked over to the bed and placed the items down beside her on her left.

“Now turn over and get on your hands and knees.  I hope you’re ready Kitten.  I am going to take you on an erotic journey tonight.  I am going to give you a matching red bottom to this gorgeous babydoll.  I will give you pain and pleasure, taking you to the point of seeing your own lights in your eyes similar to those surrounding you.  We will see them together, you and me.  You are mine and I will remind you and show you what that means.  And I am yours.”

With that he said, “Ready” and she answered, “Yes, Sir.”

And…”Pop, pop, pop” as his hand came down to start the journey he promised.

Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay

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Tis The Season – Masturbation Monday – NSFW


Picture is of Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss.

This is a fantasy.  One I was just playing around with for fun.  So here goes.


I stepped out of the taxi as it stopped in front of the building where I agreed to meet him.  The thrill of the many twinkling lights and holiday music filled the air around me as I walked up to the door.  As I reached for the handle a hand slipped over mine, “allow me,” he said, appearing from no where.  I stepped aside as he opened the door and we walked in together.

As we stepped up to the doorman he reminded us of the rules.  I untied my belt around my long coat and slipped it off, handing it to the doorman as we continued on into the club.

“You look amazing, Kitten,” he says as he looks me over.  I in my purple corset, garter and black stockings, black heels, my auburn hair up in a braid and long gloves, along with my collar.  “Just as I requested.”

“Yes, Sir.  Did I forget anything?” I asked

“No, love, you look perfect,” said Daddy, dressed in his sexy leather trousers, white t-shirt, leather vest and leather shoes to match.

We continued until he see some friends of ours and we sit with them for a bit as we watch some of the scenes being done in the large area.  One of the couples, Sir R and his little m sit together talking comically with Mistress P, whose submissive was not with her tonight.  Sir R is an average height with dark brown hair, stocky build and very versed in floggers and whips.  His little, m, is blonde, petite and lovely.  Mistress P has black long hair she has up in a pony tail, quite slim and tall with her leather and heels on.

I sit there listening to them talk as I am fascinated by some of the play scenes happening in front of me.  One in particular where the sub, a male, was on the St. Andrew’s Cross being caned and flogged, with a cage around his cock, as his Domme lashed out her hits on his bum and upper thighs, with some of the flogging on his back.

I was entranced by it all for some reason.  It took a moment to hear what Daddy said to me and I turned quickly once I realized what he had said to answer.

“Yes Sir, I am ready.”

“Good.  I am asking that Sir R and Mistress P contribute in our play today.  Is that okay with you, Kitten?”

“Oh yes Sir.  I look forward to it.”

“Well, you might not say that once we are through dear,” says Mistress P.

I give her a nervous smile and as we all rise, I follow Daddy and the others, with m, to a playroom separate from the large playroom.

“We wanted to give you girls a bit more pleasure than we would be able to out there, is the reason we chose this room.” Sir R says.

I looked at m and she at me, and we gave each other a knowing look of understanding of what would be happening.  We both would be played with by all three Dom(me)s and with both pain and pleasure, as is the norm of these three.  They like to provide a combination of them both, not just one or the other.

There are two spanking tables set up and we each were placed over them and bound by wrists and ankles so there would be no moving away.  We could wiggle, but that was it.  We were reminded of our safe words, consent was given and they began.

Daddy asked Mistress P to start me out with spanks by her hand to warm me up.  She happily obliged.  Sir R was starting on m the same way.

Daddy walked back and forth between the both of us watching the pink tint rise up on our bums.  I could feel the excitement rolling off of him.  Once he and Mistress P thought I was a nice rosy color and warm, Daddy started in with a leather paddle.  Mistress P had now gone over to m and was doing the same to her with another leather paddle.  As Daddy hit harder, I started moaning and grunting a bit.  I heard m doing a little squeak now and then.

The wooden paddle was next with hard thuds that stung quite a bit and made me wiggle about.  I was too focused on Daddy now to pay attention to what was happening with m.  The next thing I feel hitting me is the suede flogger.  I melt into the feeling of hard thuds and feeling of being caressed and struck all in one.  I feel myself slipping into subspace as Daddy leans over and whispers, “Look over at m, Kitten.”

I do so and she is in a space all her own as she is getting thrashed with a cane.  I wince for her as she gets popped with the cane each time.  I then realize, hang on, Daddy was at my ear yet the flogger has not stopped and Mistress P is doing the cane, which means Sir R is having a go at me.  I should have known, however, since the flogging is one of his specialties.

I then see Daddy taking up a strap and begin working on m after checking in with her to make sure she is okay.  I watch him as he focuses his concentration on what he is doing and the responses m is giving him.  I know I am already wet with all this lashing I am getting but just watching him at work makes me even more so.  I think Mistress P realizes by watching me that I am horny and wet, and as Sir R stops to let Mistress P take over on me, she reaches down and runs her fingers between my lips, feeling how drenched I am.

“Someone is extremely wet over here Sir G.  I believe she is getting even more turned on by watching you at work.”  I see a big grin spread on Daddy’s face with that revelation and Mistress P begins to throttle me with a leather strap. I groan and moan with each hit she makes.  It is a heavy hard thud each time and the tears are flowing as she continues.  I finally cry out from the pain and I am shaking.

She stops and touches me again.  “That’s such a good girl to take that strap like you did,” she says as she is caressing my cunt and circles my clit.  “Sir G, may I now play with your kitten and make her cum?” she asked Daddy.

“By all means, please, Mistress P., I know she enjoys your touch.” I hear him walking over to my side to watch, as Sir R has taken over with m.

As she circles my clit with one hand from in front, she reaches down and plays with my cunt with the other, fucking my pussy with her fingers.  I moan with pleasure as she quickly brings me to the edge and I am begging to cum.  “Please Mistress, may I cum?  Please Daddy, may I cum for Mistress P.??”

Daddy says, “If Mistress P feels it is what she wants, I say yes, but only if she agrees.”

“Pleeassse Mistress P., can I cum???”

“Oh yes, darling girl, cum for us now!”

And with that I cum so hard I see stars and feel completely spent.  Yet, she doesn’t stop and as I come down from that high, she says, “I think you can give us another, sweet girl.  What do you think Sir G?”

“Oh yes, I think she definitely can.  Kitten can always do multiples for us.”

I moan knowing I will be played with some more and I give in to the sensations I am feeling all over my body and what her touch does to me.  I look at Daddy as he looks down on me with love and he leans down and whispers in my ear, “Daddy loves you so much Kitten. You are being such a good girl. I am so proud of you. Now cum for us again.”

“Yes Daddy.” I say as I feel the build up hitting me again and not long, after I hear m. cry out her orgasm, I am begging to cum again.

After our play, we are all sitting together, both us girls on our Daddy’s laps and Mistress P right in the middle of all of us.  We are drinking water, eating a snack and talking about all we did and experienced.  It was a glorious play time.

As we are leaving the club and I am being helped into my coat.  Daddy looks up and says, “Oh look, Kitten, we are under the mistletoe.  You know what that means. ‘Tis the season.”

I look up and then at Daddy and we share an emotional tender kiss before we walk out the door and to the taxi waiting outside.

Kat xx

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Masturbation Monday

So It Begins


Sexy picture prompt provided by May More.

Image originally published as Scandalous and used with permission.

Looking at her phone again to make sure she was doing exactly as he has directed, she checked herself in the mirror.  Stockings, check; white school girl button up, unbuttoned and no bra nor panties, check; hair in ponytail, check; wand on chair and ready, check.  Next she is to sit on the chair facing the back, wand under her, sitting on her clit.  She is to edge three times before he gets home and to tell him each time she has edged by text through phone.

So, she begins.  It takes a bit to reach the first one so she starts thinking of Daddy and the possibilities he has planned for her when he gets home.  That gets her to the first edge.  She messages him to let him know.

She starts again after catching her breath.  It doesn’t take long at all to reach that second one.  She messages him and lets him know.  Then the last time, for edge number three, it takes longer to get it going.  Her clit and cunt are throbbing and sensitive yet takes a bit to start feeling the tingling and build up.  Finally she reaches that third edge and she gets up from the chair, messages him to let him know and immediately hears him walk in the door.  She removes the wand and places it beside the chair, sits back down facing the back, which is facing the door in their room, with hands in front resting on the seat and puts her head down, looking at the floor.

He opens the door and walks over to her, placing his hand on her head and says, “good girl.” He then walks to the walk-in closet, changes his clothes and returns by her side.

“Okay, Kitten, get on the bed, head down ass up,” He said.

And so it begins…

Kat xx

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In the Window – Masturbation Monday – NSFW


This wonderfully sexy photo provided by Lascivious Lucy .

Late once again! I have unfortunately let my life get in the way, emotionally the last few days.  So this is to get me out of that! I hope you enjoy ❤

“Pull up your skirt just so I can see your smooth pussy,” he said in the ear piece so she wouldn’t have to hold her phone.

She did as he said.  What an exciting thing, to know he can see her but she has no idea where he is exactly.   As she sits in the arm-chair in front of the bay window with the curtains open for anyone to see.

“Legs wider,” he says “Good girl” as she does so.

She can hear his steady breathing and she knows he can hear hers as it catches each time he gives her a new command.

“Now unbutton the front of your dress and slide the right side off your shoulder so I can see that lovely breast,” he says a bit more tension in his voice as she can hear the slight sound of excitement coming through.  As she does this and slides the right side over to show her naked breast he says, “good girl.”

She can feel her excitement building.  Here she sits in front of a window where anyone can see her if they pass by and pay attention, yet she is focused on him and what she does for him.

“Kitten, take your left hand and pinch that right nipple for me. That’s it.” As she does this she can feel her pussy dripping and aching with a need for more.  “Mmmm, I can imaging that cunt of mine is very wet.  Dip your right hand down and test it for me baby girl.”

She does as he says and realizes she is even wetter then she thought. “Let me see those fingers, Kitten.”  She pulls them up and holds them out in front of her.  “Oh, good girl.  Now taste them and tell me how she tastes.”

“Sweet…tangy, Daddy,” she tells him.  “Good girl,” he says once again.

“Now I want you to make a circle around your beautiful clit.  Don’t touch it yet, just go around it. That’s it.”  She followed his instruction and just enjoyed touching herself.  “That’s right, now touch it and rub her good, give her your attention.  From your clit down to your pussy.  Yes, just like that. Keep doing just that.”

She heard his breathing coming a bit harder now.  She wished he was right there with her.  She was needing him now, needing his presence and touch.  She closed her eyes and was losing herself in the sensations.

She opened her eyes as she heard his voice say, “good girl” for he was right there in the room with her now.  “Yes, Kitten, I am right here and I will watch as you come for me.  Be a good girl and keep going.”

Knowing he was right there excited her even more.  She continued playing with her nipple with one hand and her clit and pussy with the other.  She felt as she was coming to the edge and cried, “Sir…Daddy…may I come?? Please may I come??”

“With my help you may.”  And he walked over to in front of her, knelt down and took over by licking her clit and replacing her fingers with his own.  He then took her over that edge and she cried out in her release and as her body shook with the orgasm he gave her.

Kat xx

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Play Toy – Masturbation Monday – NSFW


Here I wait in excitement and submission

For you to come in and begin your perversive position

As you have me over the bed spread wide

You have all access to tan my hide

The way you want and need to

To give me all you feel I have due

With paddles, crops and floggers

They are all used to give me the markers

Then once this is done, you move me over and closer

So not only the feelings, but your words can take me under

To the place I go to for only you and your joy

For to you I am your little girl kitten play toy

Kat xx

*Pic from Tumblr


My Masturbation Monday story – NSFW


Growing up believing girls should not touch themselves and that sex was for after marriage, I never really actually knew my body and what made it tick or made it happy where sex is concerned.  I was in my 30s (yes, I said 30s) before I finally took time to get to know my body.

I had a day on my own at home and decided it was time to get to know my body.  I had just gotten a new toy and had thought about using it.  But first, I was going to explore myself by touching.

I got completely undressed and laid down on my bed, my hair fanning out over my pillow.  I started by feeling my breasts… fondling them, kneading them, pinching my nipples and rolling them between my fingers. Then worked down my ribs to my stomach, running over my belly button to my cleanly smooth-shaven mound.  I enjoyed feeling the smoothness and stayed there for a bit taking it in.

As I moved my fingers up and down my pussy lips, I took in the sensations of pleasure I felt, passing over my clit, going in circles and rubbing it as I did so.  From my clit I slid my fingers down the middle of my lips and into my cunt where it was getting nice and wet, sliding up and down from clit to pussy, reaching in deeper with my fingers, touching my g-spot, (which I didn’t realize how it felt until now) being a soft pad right behind my clit.

I continued in this continuous movement up and down my lips from clit to inside my cunt, hitting that g-spot.  The sensations were amazing and I could feel my body reacting, quickening and clinching.  I continued hitting that glorious spot until my release hit me unexpectedly and fast.  I was amazed at my body’s reaction to my touch.

I knew this would not be the last time and I made sure I had many more times in experiencing self pleasing alone times.

Happy Masturbation Monday!

Kat xx

*Pic from Tumblr

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Fractured – NSFW


From Kayla: “Last year, during October, Maria’s haunting image inspired a Halloween-theme for the month. It’s only fitting that another image of hers inspire spooky smut again this year. To me, Marialooks like something out of a murder scene — and yet still hauntingly gorgeous. What do you see? Smutty writers, share your posts with us this week! Smutty readers, enjoy (and don’t touch your screen with sticky fingers).

Image originally published as Fracture and used with permission.”


She was sitting there at the bus stop.  It was a clear night and the moon shone bright in the sky.  Natalie was in her dress she had worn to work that day.  Her long blond hair held out of her face by only a headband.  Reading a book about vampires, witches and werewolves, she was so engrossed in the story she didn’t realize someone had come up to the bus stop and sat down on the bench beside her.  She looked up to see a man, wrapped up in his coat, looking straight ahead.  She looked around to see if anyone else had appeared and realized they were there alone.  She saw there was a fog slipping in and felt a chill pass over her from head to foot.

She looked down the road to see if she saw any lights for the bus, but there was none.  Looking back where the man was sitting she realized he had gotten up and was now standing over a bit in the shadow of an oak tree nearby.  She then heard a voice surrounding her, washing over her with the calm of a loving caress, “Come here child.  Do not be scared. I will take care of you.”

She didn’t know what came over her as she stood up from the bench and started walking toward the man under the oak.  Her total focus was on him.  She felt a warm feeling flow through her as she got closer to the man.  As she stood in front of him, she felt as if in a trance.  A warm tingling sensation washed over her down to her pussy and knew she was getting wet just by being near him.  She looked up at his face.  It was a very strong face, with high cheek bones and chiseled features with square jaw line.  She looked into his dark intense eyes, waiting for him to say something.

He touched her face with his right hand as she continued looking at him, feeling a charge go through her at his touch. “Frumuseţe,” he said softly. “Beautiful girl,” he then said in English.  Her body swayed toward him and he kissed her, turning her around so the trunk of the tree supported her back and she was held there as his left hand explored her breasts and ran down her taut stomach to her hips and around to her right cheek of her bottom, squeezing and kneading it, making her wanton even more than she already was for this man.

She moaned into their kiss. She couldn’t hold back the, “More…” she whispered as he continued, moving his right hand this time and joining his left in the onslaught of taking her body even deeper into erotic ecstasy.  Her dress was now at her hips, his left hand still on her butt as his right hand dives into her lacy knickers and slowly works her wet folds.  She is frantic with the need of his touch, as he seems to be just as frantic to touch her.  He kisses her from her mouth down to her neck, biting her as he sinks two fingers into her pussy as his thumb works her clit.  She almost immediately releases, softly crying out in the night, feeling as she has been fractured into a million electrical pieces.

He then rips the knickers from her, his trousers are undone and down before she knows what is happening.  He lifts her and impaled her in one smooth move with his rock hard cock.  He pummels her against the tree, hard and deep, taking her in a primal way she has never experienced.  She reaches her climax and releases once again.  The excitement and recklessness of this encounter is sending her completely over the edge.

“You. Are. Mine.!” he says with each thrust as they both release together and tremble from the intensity of it all.

He pulls out of her as he places her back on her feet and pulls his trousers back up. Looks at her, pulls her in his arms and says, “Kitten, you are amazing.  Was that as you expected it to be?”

“Better!” she says, snuggling into him, content and happy.

“Maybe next time, we can meet at that quaint pub just down the road.”

She nodded, “we can definitely make that fun, Daddy,” she smiled up at him.

“Ready to go home so I can take care of you properly?” He asked.

“Oh, yes, please.”

They then walk arm in arm, picking up her things from the bench on the way and on to the car parked over on the side of the road just down from the bus stop.

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