Oh How The Mind and Body React – NSFW


Here I lay on our bed, legs tied apart to the posts on each corner, head propped up by pillows, in my beautiful purple corset, holdups and hair up in a pony tail and Daddy sitting in a leather armed chair just where he can watch me back from the foot of the bed.  He has left my hands free at the moment and I am waiting for his direction.

“Kitten, I want you to slowly, with your right hand touch the lips of your cunt and only your lips, moving up and down, from the tip around your clit to the lower part near your butt.  Then with your left hand play with your nipples.  Show Daddy how much you enjoy touching yourself for him.” He said.

“Yes Sir.” I said.  As I was wide open for him to see all, I felt vulnerable yet extremely horny, as I slid my fingers up and down my lips and pinched and caressed my nipples.

“Good girl. That’s it, slowly” he said as did so, “Look at me, don’t look away and don’t close your eyes.  Yes.  Imagine you are being watched by several Dom/mes and subs.  They are surrounding us, around my chair and the bed.  Your eyes stay on me, knowing they are here watching.  Now, dip your fingers, two of them, into your cunt and tell me what you feel.”

“Wet Daddy. Very horny.”

“Good girl.  That’s it, continue slowly sliding those fingers in and out.  Squeeze on your fingers with those lovely muscles that love to squeeze Daddy’s cock so hard.”

“Mmm, yes Sir, Daddy.”

“That’s my Kitten, my little minx.  Show me how much you enjoy touching yourself for me.  Oh yes.”

I sigh, more like a purring sound, and continue touching and fingering myself.  Oh how my mind and body react to his words.  Getting wetter and feeling the excitement building in my body, the sensations taking over my actions as I start to finger fuck myself harder and moan with the pleasure.

“Kitten…stop!” he says all of a sudden seeing me come close to climax.

I moan, stop myself and say, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

He then stands, goes to one side and ties my wrist to the upper post on the right side then walks to the left side and does the same.  He then walks over to the foot of the bed and looks down at me.  “It’s Daddy’s turn,” he says with a gleam in his eyes.  I see the crop in his hand and he starts peppering me with pops from the crop up and down my legs and then a few good pops to my cunt that has me squealing. Once he feels pleased with his marks on me he drops the crop and dives in to my cunt. Licking my clit, my lips up and down, plunging his tongue into my pussy and not letting up until I am gasping.

He then stops for a second to look up at me, face glistening with my juices and he is back in, both tongue and fingers this time.  Finger fucking my cunt and licking my clit so fast it feels like a vibrator.  It didn’t take long till I was begging him to let me cum.  He waited a bit more into my begging before he finally told me to cum.  I did, and wow, did I ever!

He was not done however.  He picked up the Doxy and before I had even come down from that orgasm he had me buzzing back up to another.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even wiggle from it, and there was no escaping the fast building orgasm that was about to explode through me again.  I didn’t even have to beg. Daddy just said, “Cum for me now kitten!” And I did.

Once I did, Daddy loosened the ties on my legs and arms, pulled me down to the end of the bed and impaled me with his rock hard cock.  So hard it brought me back up quickly and as he reached his orgasm with mine he said, “You. Are. Mine!” with the last three pumps and we both cried out in our pleasure.

He then pulled out and climbed up with me, cradling me in his arms and just holding me for a while. Both of us basking in each other and what we share.

Kat xx

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Sorority Girl Shenanigans Part 2 – NSFW

“Okay you two.  Since you were guests of Lena and Deanna, you were supposed to be behaving yourselves and not flirting with the other girls’ boyfriends and the waiters. If you want to be a part of this sorority, as we know you do, you will now have to be disciplined just as any of us would be for that kind of acting out,” Alena says as they all walk in to the sorority house. Alena, dressed in a black straight skirt and form fitting purple blouse and black sling back heels, looked all the head of the group.

Jenna and Beth follow the girls in, looking at each other with apprehension.  Jenna is a cute blonde, about 5’6″ with slender build, dressed up in a cute navy blue skirt with pleats and white blouse with white flats. Beth is a dark brunette, about 5’7″ with slightly curvy build and dressed in a cute dark green off the shoulder dress that’s skirt comes to her knees and cute little silver sandal heels to match.

“We have some others that have to be disciplined as well. So you gals will see first hand what your discipline is prior to receiving said discipline,” says Alena.

“Okay gals, time for discipline line up. Lena, you and Deanna get over here and put your hands on the back of the chairs, lift up your skirts and stick your butt out.  I might change it up once I start. I haven’t decided.  You two watch, because this is the kind of discipline we do around here.”

They were both in dresses.  Lena in a navy blue, cap sleeve dress and navy heels to match. Deanna in a burgundy colored short sleeve dress with burgundy/silver heels to match hers.  They were both right about mid thigh in length so showed off their legs beautifully.  The girls walk over to where Alena pointed out the chairs and did as she directed.

Alena picks up the hairbrush that is on the table and says, “Okay ladies, 20 each. Are you ready?”

Both girls say, “Yes, we are ready,” in unison.

Alena starts with the closest which is Lena and then moves on to Deanna.  She gives them ten on each cheek.  She stops for a moment and tells Deanna to go to the corner, put her hands on her head and do not move.  As Deanna does this, Alena grabs the chair Deanna was holding on to, turns it around and tells Lena to pull her knickers down and lay over her lap.  Lena hesitates only a moment after looking at the two girls watching and then does as Alena directed.

Alena looks at the other girls and says, “Do you think you can handle this punishment girls?”  They both look at each other and then back at Alena and say, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Okay then. You are both next once I am done with Deanna after Lena. Ready, Lena?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Lena then receives her ten on each cheek, Deanna then takes her turn doing the same. Once Alena is done she puts the chair back where it was when Deanna was holding on to it and tells the other girls to now get into position.  They do so quickly, as if with excitement.  Alena looks over at Deanna and Lena with a gleam in her eye, knowing these new girls seem to be enjoying this very much.

Jenna and Beth both seemed to be enjoying this little punishment so Alena decided to take it up a notch.  While Beth stood in the corner waiting for her turn over Alena’s lap, Alena had Jenna over her lap, knickers down and at the end of the ten on each cheek.  She then rubbed Jenna’s bum and told her what a good girl she was and slipped her fingers between Jenna’s folds. “Seems that someone is enjoying herself with these spankings. Does that feel good, Jenna?”

“Yes, ma’am it does,” says Jenna

“Deanna and Lena, maybe you should continue with Beth’s while I deal with this one,” says Alena with a smile.

Deanna sat in the other chair while Beth lay over her lap and Lena gave her the ten on each cheek.  Meanwhile, Alena continued to fondle Jenna between her folds, dipping into her pussy a couple of times.  She then began spanking Jenna with her bare hand.  “For that I will be giving you an extra 10 on each with my bare hand, Jenna.  Understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jenna said breathless.

Once Lena was done with Beth’s spankings she did the same as Alena and felt to see if Beth reacted as Jenna had.  She ran her fingers down and into Beth’s folds and pulled them out wet.  “Hmmm, seems this has affected Beth in the same way as Jenna, Alena.  Does that feel good, Beth?”

“Oh yes, very much so,” says Beth

“Well then, I suppose we will have to deal with her in the same way as I have with Jenna,” Alena says.

So, Deanna proceeded to spank Beth barehanded while Lena continued to fondle Beth’s folds, which continued to get even wetter the more Deanna spanked her.  Lena knelt behind Beth continuing her fingering of the girl’s wet pussy. Beth gave a quick intake of breath when Lena began but now you can hear a low quiet moan coming from her lips.  Moving her fingers in and out and leaning in to lick along with her fingers, Lena intensified her movements once hearing the moans from Beth.

Deanna looked up and over at Alena and saw she was enjoying her play time with Jenna as much as Lena was with Beth. Watching them all she was getting quite turned on herself.

Deanna looked back at Lena and said, “why don’t we move this over to the couch.” Lena looked up, nodded and they all three got up and went over to the couch. Deanna sat down, Beth knelt with her head in Deanna’s lap and Lena took back up her position behind Beth and continued her onslaught on Beth’s cunt.

Deanna touched Beth’s beautiful hair and rubbed her shoulders and back as Lena worked her magic on the girl. Beth was feeling so horny at this point she pushed up Deanna’s skirt of her dress and had Deanna move to where she could get to her pussy and started licking and fingering her as well. Hearing each other get excited ramped up the responses of each girl and didn’t take long before each one came.  Starting with Jenna and her very vocal exclamation of ecstasy as Alena brought her to orgasm. She then knelt in front of Alena and pulling her knickers down started working her, licking and probing into her wet cunt that was soaked with the excitement of the moment.

Then Beth was next and feeling her excitement and close orgasm dove into her onslaught on Deanna, wanting her to cum at the same time.  As soon as Beth came Deanna was right after her.  They then had Lena lay her head on Deanna’s lap as Beth took a turn at her.  Deanna fondled Lena’s breast, pinching her nipples and making her squeal as Beth slid her fingers into Lena’s hot wet pussy and started licking her clit.

Looking over to Alena and Jenna, Deanna could tell it wouldn’t take much longer for Alena to cum.  She continued to fondle Lena’s plump round breasts and roll her nipples between her finger and thumb, making her breathing fast and more shallow.  She could tell Lena was getting close and looked down to Beth as she looked up at Deanna, realizing the same.  Alena and Lena both shouted out their release right after one another.

Alena and Jenna came over to where the girls were on the couch and they all sat there snuggled together and giggling.

Alena was the first to speak and she said, “Why don’t we go and get the mattresses from our rooms, bring them down here and have a sleepover!”

All the girls agreed and giggle some more as they run up the stairs, get the mattresses and bring them downstairs, placing them all together so they can lie there side by side.  They talked and giggled and shared stories.  They made a decision to have a sleep over the weekend coming up and started making plans of what they would do. Definitely more of the yummy punishment and play after.

French Maid Play Time – NSFW

“Okay Kitten, Daddy wants you in your french maid costume, hair up in pony tail, hold-ups, heels, sexy knickers and all that goes with the costume, like the feather duster and hair piece.”

“Yes, Daddy. Any implements or toys in particular that you need me to have prepared?”

“No thank you Kitten, I will do this part myself.”

“Okay Daddy.”

I move quickly to our room and pull out the maid costume and all that goes with it.  Once I have finished getting dressed I put my hair up and touch up my makeup.  I then grab the feather duster and put the hair piece up on my head, check myself once more and head to the living room where Daddy is waiting.

I walk into the living room and see Daddy has an ironing board out with iron heating up on it for me to iron his shirt that is laid out on the board.  He also has a list of things he wants me to do.  He holds it out to me and I walk over and take it, look over it and then once done, I look at him for direction.

“Okay Kitten, get started with the list please.  Start with ironing my shirt and then move on to the list.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.  I like to watch you do your chores dressed this way.”

I put the list on the table, walk over to the ironing board, and start ironing Daddy’s shirt.  Once I am done with this, I hang it up and unplug the iron for it to cool.  I pick the list back up and begin by starting at the top with vacuuming (Hoovering as Daddy calls it.)

I bend at the waist and lean over to move things as needed, as Daddy likes to see plenty of my bum while I do chores.  Daddy walks by at one point of my bending over and pops me with the crop.  I jump, not expecting it. He gives a short laugh then sits down to continue watching.  Once the vacuuming is done I move to dusting, which calls for more bending and dipping.

I am almost done with the list when Daddy calls me over and has me kneel in front of him.  He sits there for a few minutes with a stern look on his face as he contemplates what he will do next.  I sit there with my mind running wild wondering if I did everything and did it right. Wondering why he is having me do this when I think I have done everything right so far, but still have a few things to finish.

“Kitten, I know you are excited to know what Daddy has planned for you, but there was no need to rush through the dusting. That does not get things done properly.  You will now lie over the foot stool and receive a spanking for your hastiness.  Do you understand?” (The foot stool is a large square padded stool to rest your feet on while lounging in the living room area.)

“Yes, Sir, Daddy, I understand.” I then get up and lay across the padded foot stool and raise my skirt up to my waist for Daddy to have access to my bottom.

“Good girl,” he says.  “I will begin with the hair brush and then we will do a few with the leather paddle. Do you understand, baby girl?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand.”

“You have me so turned on Kitten. I am just itching to get my hands on this beautiful bum of yours.”

He begins with the brush, peppering my cheeks and upper thighs.

He steps back a second to admire his work.  “Mmmm…nice and rosy Kitten.”

He then proceeds with the leather paddle.  Covering the same area he did with the brush, he begins to hit a couple of spots over and over and they are beginning to become very sensitive.  My quick intake of breath lets him know this.

He stops and rubs over these areas before moving on to the wooden paddle.  I moan knowing this is going to start really hurting.  He begins at the tops of my cheeks and covers each one, going over the sensitive spots as well as going down to my upper thighs and the sit spots.  I am yelping each time he goes over these tender areas and jumping.  Each time I do so, he says, “baby girl, hold your position and stop moving,” or “Kitten, hold,” or “baby girl, keep it up and it will continue.”

Only thing is, there is no way to stay still, and Daddy knows this.  It just adds to the spankings though.

I am so wet at this point I know my knickers are soaked.  So does Daddy obviously, because he stops and reaches down to see just how wet I am at this point.

“I see my baby is enjoying this a bit, huh Kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Knickers off and get up on the foot stool, hands and knees, right now, Kitten.”

“Yes, Sir.”  I get up clumsily from the stool, take off my knickers and position myself up on the stool as Daddy directed.

“Good girl.  Now a couple more swipes with this beautiful flogger.  Skirt back up out of my way now.”

I move the skirt back up to my waist and Daddy begins with the flogger.  The thumping of the leather flogger lulls me into that wonderful blissful space for a few minutes. I then realize Daddy as stopped and is caressing my cunt.  I sigh and moan as he passes over my clit and then back down again to my pussy.  He pushes two fingers in, fucking me with those fingers, leaning in to lick my clit.

I mewl like the kitten I am and sigh as each pass he makes over my clit and cunt makes me even wetter than I was.

He pauses as he reaches for something out of my sight. I then hear a faint buzz and feel the pressure as he pushes the anal vibrator in, nicely lubed and slipping in easily.

He then continues sliding his fingers into my cunt, pressing my g-spot as he does. He then pulls them out, sliding his hard cock in their place. I moan as the feeling of being full and sensory overload begins.

“Oh baby girl, your tight pussy is so amazing!”

I moan in response.

I feel the orgasm quickly rising. The quickening in my cunt squeezing his cock. I know it won’t be long before we both cum.

“Oh, Daddy!”

“Yes baby?”

“Oh Daddy!!”

“Yes baby girl?!”

Then it hit hard, “Daddy! I need to cum, pleeeaaaasssssee can I cum????”

“Yes baby, cum for me now!”

I came and came so hard. And just as I did Daddy came really hard.

We stayed there for a moment catching our breath then we moved to the couch where he held me. The anal vibrator seems to have made us both cum harder than we normally do, with that extra boost to our senses.

Mmmm…look forward to doing that again!

KK xx

*I originally started writing this for last weeks Masturbation Monday but didn’t get it finished in time. Hope you all enjoy anyway!😉

* Pic from Pinterest

Sorority Girl Shenanigans – NSFW

fullsizeoutput_43fbDaddy asked for me to write a story. He asked for one of sorority girls and was specific in things to include but not elaborate so I could freely write with basics in mind. I hope you all enjoy this short sexy story.


Just getting back from the first day of Rush, all the girls decided to get their showers and get ready for the dinner they would have to celebrate.  Lena and Alaina ran ahead of Deanna trying to be the first in the bathroom. Lena who is slender and stands about five feet six inches tall with shoulder length dark brown hair and blue eyes was dressed in a royal blue dress that swept down to right above the knees. Alaina, tall thin red head with hazel eyes, wore a multi colored halter dress that was nice and cool in this warm weather. And Deanna, who was right in the middle in height, slender and a bit curvy with long strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, was in a dress of green that showed off her lovely set of legs perfectly. They all laughed so hard as they reached the bathroom they shared trying to be the first in the shower.

“Okay okay….how about we take turns and help each other shave cause I can never get mine shaved right.” this was Lena as Alaina jumped in the shower first.  Alaina shouted over the flow of water, “Oh yes! Me first, me first!” Lena and Deanna giggled at Alaina and her enthusiasm.

“Deanna and I need to get things ready then. Hold tight!” Lena says as she gets an extra towel from the closet, grabbing the razor and shaving cream heading to the counter.

“We may need to do it on the bed. There would be more room for each of us to lie down for a better position we can reach, don’t you think?” Deanna suggested.

“I think you may be right,” says Lena. She takes it all into the bedroom and lies it all out on the bed.  She goes back into the bathroom and says, “Alaina come in the bedroom when you are done I have a towel on the bed for you to lie on.”

“Okay,” Alaina says, “I will be done in just a moment.”

Lena thought for a moment. “On second thought, hey, Deanna, lets jump in the shower with Alaina, that way we can all be showered and then just do all the shaving at one time.”

Deanna walked back in to the bathroom and said, “What a great idea!”

She and Lena got undressed quickly and jumped in the shower with Alaina who screeched with glee and giggling as the girls got in there with her.  They all washed themselves and helped each other too.  Once done, they all got out and dried off.  Deanna grabbed a wash cloth and soaked it in warm water and took a hand towel off the shelf.

“Okay, gals, I am ready. Alaina you lie down and Lena and I will shave you first and then, You and I can get Lena and then you gals will do me.  How does that sound?” said Deanna.

“Great!” the girls said in unison. Alaina then lies down on the bed, ready to be shaven.  Deanna and Lena looked at one another and grinned.  They then turned to Alaina and Lena took up the razor and shaving cream while Deanna had the wash cloth and towel ready.

Once Alaina and Lena were done and they were starting on Deanna the girls were already horny from being shaven by each other. So when they were finishing up with Deanna, Alaina started moving a bit slower at the end of the shaving, touching Deanna on her swollen lips and Lena moved in doing the same.

Deanna was enjoying being shaven and feeling so horny as well that she didn’t even think of the fact the girls were doing this.  It was feeling so good, she just closed her eyes enjoying the feelings they were stirring as Alaina moved a finger into Deanna’s cunt smoothly while Lena worked on her clit slowly.  Her legs were already opened from being shaven and as Alaina worked slowly in and out of Deanna’s cunt first with one finger than two, she kneeled down between Deanna’s legs and began licking where Lena had been working her clit.

Lena moved up to Deanna’s breasts, taking one into her warm mouth as she massaged the other with her hand, pinching the nipple every once in a while getting a sharp intake of breath from Deanna.

Deanna reached over fingering Lena as she was sucking her breasts and Lena moved closer.  Alaina was working Deanna to the point of where she was going to erupt.  Alaina said, “do it Deanna, come for me!”  As she said this Deanna came so hard, amazed at how exciting this was to be playing with her two friends, having never experienced anything like this.

She continued to finger Lena as Alaina moved up on the bed, shimmied herself to where Lena had access to her cunt and while Lena worked on Alaina, Deanna moved down to work on Lena more.  She wasn’t sure she was doing this right, but knew what she liked so went from there, moving her fingers in and out and licking and sucking at Lena’s clit.

In no time the other two girls came.  They caressed each other for a while as they all felt satiated.  The girls then realized the time, jumped up, got dressed real quick helping each other get ready and ran out the door to get to dinner.

**To be continued…

KK xx

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Pain and Pleasure…Con’t from Shaving – NSFW

“Okay Kitten, your turn. Now go get me a couple of paddles, wood and leather, and the crop.”

I run over to our toy box and pull these items out, going back over to Daddy and place them on the bed as he directs.

“Good girl.  Now lie over the foot board with a pillow and widen those legs, baby.”  I do as he directs and I wait.

He walks over, behind me to the other side of me and says, “Are you ready, Kitten?”

“Yes Sir, I am ready.”

“Okay I will start with a warm up.” And he starts by lightly tapping each cheek all around with the smaller wooden paddle.  It is stingy and I feel my butt getting warmer as he continues.  He then pauses and asks, “Warmed up enough, Kitten?”

“Yes Sir, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” he says. Then he begins harder spanks with the wooden paddle.  I gasp at the sharpness of each contact and he then says, “10 more on each cheek, babygirl. Count them for me after each one.”

“Yes Sir,” I say.

As he begins I proceed to count, “One, thank you Daddy, may I have another?”…

I am almost yelping at the end of the last 10.  He then changes over to the leather paddle at this point.

“Okay Kitten, pull your knickers down to the top of your thighs. We will do 12 on each cheek. Ready?”

“Yes Sir.”

After the 12 on each, I am moaning at this point.  He then does 5 on each thigh, both back and front.

He changes over to the crop.  One of my favorite implements.

He peppers my cheeks, thighs and pussy with the crop.  He tells me to pull my knickers back up and has me lie on the bed on my back.  He continues to pop my pussy with the crop. I can’t help myself and giggle for a second from the sensation.

He stops and goes over to the toy box and gets a couple of our favorite toys, including my smaller wand.  He begins with our small vibrator and places it on my clit.  He says he wants me to cum for him in my knickers first.

Mmmm….it feels so good and I am so sensitive after the spanking that I can feel it won’t take much before I cum for him.  As I think this, I am getting close and cry out “May I cum Daddy, Please!”  He says, “Yes, baby, cum for me.” And I do, just that fast.

He stops and changes over to the small wand and tells me to take off my knickers so he can get to my beautiful cunt.  I do this and he starts the wand buzzing on my cunt and clit.

He gets down between my thighs and starts licking my pussy, circling my clit and sucking on it.  I moan as he is working all the sensitive spots and I am enjoying every touch he gives me along with the wand.  I feel the quickening of my pulse and the closer I am getting to going over the edge.

“Oh Daddy!”

“Yes, babygirl…?”

“Mmmm….Oh Daddy!”

“Yes, baby, cum for Daddy. You know you want to.”

Then it suddenly hits me and I can’t hold back any longer.  “Daddy!! Please…can I cum???”

“Yes, Kitten, cum for Daddy now!”

I cum so hard I shout out and am shaking with the extreme feelings of it all.  I can’t stop shaking or coming and he finally takes the wand away.  I start to calm down and catch my breath.  He comes to me and holds me through my sobs and racing heart.  I quietly kiss him and thank him.  He tells me there is no need for me to thank him, but I feel the need to thank him any time he gives me pleasure, and even spankings.

It is what we do. Give each other pleasure and are thankful for it.


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Some of my favorite kinks

Took me a bit to decide what I wanted to talk about on my blog post today.

I have decided to share some of my favorite Kinks:

*Spankings – with various implements as shared in my previous blog post

*Dress up – School girl, maid, flight attendant, cheerleader, lingerie… I know not everyone likes dressing up play times, but to me it’s fun and can get you (me) in the right mood and head space for play

*Bondage – Cuffs (hand cuffs, leather cuffs), rope, blind fold… This is an exciting part of play time; can make you (me) nervous, heart racing, senses heightened and feelings of no control

*Toys – Butt plugs, vibrators, wands, wheel, feathers… To me, these things help heighten and enhance the play time experience

KK xx

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Getting to know my kink – Spankings

It’s fun getting to know my kink. Things I enjoy and didn’t realize I would, along with ones I absolutely knew I would.

Never thought I would be one to enjoy spankings. That is, until I realized being spanked made me hot, wet and horny! Once realizing this, I am now finding out the ones that really get me.

So far, I have been spanked with the following: hand, wooden paddles (large/small, thinner/thick), wooden spoons, hair brushes, leather paddles (small-large), crops, floggers and leather straps.

With the wooden implements like spoons and paddles, the solid “thwack” of the impact to my bottom is impressive by sound and feel of the larger paddles and cringingly stingy with the sharp pop of the smaller paddles and spoons. These are not my favorites but make the statement(s) needed when called for.

To me the hand, hair brushes, small leather paddle and/or crop are great for peppering my arse to get it warmed up and ready for further “punishment” and play. These “implements” are easier to work up from light to harder impacts, from what I have felt.

Out of the leather implements I have found so far that the leather strap(s) have the hardest impact, although the flogger can definitely be right there with it.

The flogger, however, I have found a bit more erotic in the feeling at impact than the other leather implements. To me it is like being caressed and given pain all in one. With the smaller flogger as it caresses will give the short sharp bite, where the larger flogger will give the thudding impact ending in a pop within that caress. This, if you can’t tell, is one of my favorite impact play implements.

The leather paddles I enjoy more than the wooden paddles. I think my body just enjoys the feel of leather (along with the smell, yummy!); the difference is definitely there. The impact is still stinging but not as much of a thud as the wood.

So, even though the wooden implements will always be in our impact play, I really enjoy the leather implements and how they affect me during our play.

There are so many other kinks I can talk about but will save them for another post. This kink, spankings, was just in the forefront of my mind and I wanted to share.

What kinks do you enjoy or have found more enjoyable than you thought? Would love to know!

KK xx

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