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Little Switch Bitch ‘s  picture is gorgeous and beautiful.  It definitely got my story juices flowing.  Hopefully did so for others as well  😉

So, this is the prompt for this week’s Masturbation Monday.  


She walks into the room and stops in the doorway.  Dressed in her black corset, black stockings and garter belt, thong that ties on the each side for easy access, and black stilettos, she poses with one hand on the frame and one on her hip.  Her hair is pulled up in a high pony tail, just as he loves it.

He is on the recliner enjoying the newspaper, as he always does once he is done with work.

She watches him for a few minutes to see if he realizes she has walked into the room.  Even if he has realized, he has not acknowledged it, and continues reading the paper.  So she saunters over to the wall in front of him and turns her back to him, placing her hands on the wall, spreading her legs apart and sticks her bottom out to him.  

She hears him clear his throat and so she looks over her shoulder to see if he is watching.  He is looking at the newspaper but she saw a slight movement of his head and eyes as she looked back. As she watches him, she wiggles her butt to see if he will react.  His eyebrows raise but that is all he does.  So she pushes from the wall and turns on her sexy heels, kneels to the carpeted floor and slowly, like a cat on the prowl, crawls to his chair with hips swaying.

As she reaches him, she kneels before him, sliding her hands from his knees up his legs to his loins, and back down again.  She does this a few times and each time gets closer to his groin area and notices with the strokes she gives, his trousers are getting tighter as his cock gets harder.  

She places her hand on the top of his waist band at the zipper and says, “Daddy, may I?”

“Yes my naughty kitten, you may.”

She grins as she unzips his trousers and releases his growing shaft from its confinement.  As she does, she caresses the head first, taking her fingers, circling the bulb for a few minutes before moving her right hand to enclose and slide down his cock and back up again in a slow motion.  

Hearing him groan in appreciation spurs her on and she leans in, circling her tongue around the tip and sliding it slowly into her mouth and back out again.  She continues this in a steady motion as he starts to raise his pelvis and push deeper into her throat.  With this, the more turned on and wet she becomes.  

She wants desperately for him to come and so continues to suck, lick and take him in deeper until he finally lets go.  She feels his release slide down her throat and he moans as he does so.  

“Oh kitten, you’re such a naughty good girl.  Now it’s Daddy’s turn.”  

As he says this he stands and tells her to kneel up on his chair with her arms over the back.  He leaves the room for a few minutes and when he returns he has a paddle, crop and toy in his hands.  

“Just for that unexpected pleasure my girl, you will be getting a good girl spanking and Daddy will then have fun with his little kitten toy.  Okay?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, thank you!”

He begins his warm up.  She so loves being his sexy tease.


Kat xx

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Mirror Time


“We are trying something new tonight my Kitten.”  He walks around me, taking in what I am wearing.  My black hold-ups and black heels.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  As he walks behind me he gives both my ass cheeks a slap.  

“Good girl.  Now, I want you over there in front of the mirror in that chair I have placed in front of it.” 

I walk over to the chair and sit carefully facing the mirror.  

“Now my darling girl, I want you to watch yourself in the mirror while you masturbate.  I will be watching and taking it all in.  I may even join in if it gets to a point I can’t keep away.  Do you understand my request?”

“Yes Sir, Daddy, I understand.” This is something we have talked about before but I had thought it was just a fantasy that I possibly might not do.  I am so self-conscious so it’s already hard to watch myself, in both pictures and real life. I have been working on feeling better about my body image, with the help from Daddy, but it is still hard.  So, to finally be faced with doing this as Daddy watches, is hitting me as both anxious and erotic.  

“Now my girl, make Daddy proud. Show me how my gorgeous kitten can please herself. But remember, you must ask Daddy if you can cum.”

“Yes Sir, I remember.”

I begin by delicately touching my nipples, pinching them softly and then massaging my breasts, watching my hands take each one fondly.  After a few minutes I then slide my hands down my stomach, circling and touching my belly button, then moving on down to my moistening mound.  I stop just as I touch my pussy, then move back up to my neck, caressing it before moving back down again.  

I hear Daddy move a bit closer behind me and hear his breathing catch as I continue the journey down my body back to my cunt.  I slide my fingers down my lips and back up again to my clit, circling it for a minute then moving back to my pussy as I glide two fingers into my opening and back out again.   As I do this, I hear the soaked digits squelching as they move in and out of my cunt, feeling the pleasure build.  

“Open your eyes and look at yourself girl.  No closing the eyes.”

I didn’t realize I had closed my eyes as I lose myself in the feeling and fulfillment of my strokes to my curves and slit.  I open my eyes and look in the mirror at Daddy as he is standing directly behind me and then I look back at myself.  My face flushed and filled with desire and excitement.  I continue to drive my elation onward as I watch myself and Daddy thrill in this journey we have undertaken.  

He slowly slides his hands from my shoulders to my breasts, kneading them as he watches my continuing manipulation of my building intensity.  I am so close now I am squirming and writhing as I feel I am reaching the edge and falling over into such an intense pleasure.  

I finally can’t hold it any more and cry out “Please, Daddy, can I cum?!  Please?!?”

“Are you sure you are ready, Kitten?”

“Yes, oh please Daddy, yes!”

“Then cum baby girl. Cum for Daddy!”

And I cry out as my orgasm washes over me.  As I come down from it Daddy is rubbing me and kissing me gently on my neck and face.  

“What a beautiful good girl you are Kitten.  Daddy enjoyed that and I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you Daddy.”  And I smile back up at him with a gleam in my eyes.  

Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay

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Hers/His – A vignette – #344 of Wicked Wednesday


Prompt suggested by Molly.  A vignette is “a brief evocative description, account, or episode” – a bit like a very short story but sometimes they can be a series of vignettes that are somehow related. Maybe they tell the same moment from different peoples perspective or maybe they are a series of short pieces that all relate to the same topic or subject. So your task this week is to write a series of vignettes, how they link, well that is up to you.

I have had a lot going on this week and have already not been able to get some posts done I wanted to do to start the new year off with.  So, this is a bit late as well.  Know it’s not much but, enjoy!  🙂 xx

Baby Girl

Pain and pleasure.  That is what he is giving me.  Pain.  Stingy and hard smacks from wood and leather implements.  The crop with its quick stingy pops that pepper my bottom and turn me on and making me squeal, especially when my pussy gets added to the equation.  The small wooden thin paddle with sharp pops to make me moan and want more.  The hard thick small wooden paddle that feels it is cutting into my skin making my eyes spring tears up and have me crying out.  The thick hard larger paddle with its thudding hurt that makes me groan and shake, making me feel I can’t take much more.  Then to top it off and bring it to a close… pleasure.  He fingers my cunt and plays with my clit with his tongue and a vibrating toy until I beg to come and find my release.  And it’s never just once.  He takes me hard, not being able to hold out any longer.  Or he will sink his cock deep in my throat to take care of his needs as he takes care of mine.  He will do it over and over again until we are exhausted and spent.  Then we snuggle together on the bed, holding each other and just being there.


Pain and pleasure.  I love giving her both and exploring both with her.  Pain.  Feeling the implement, whether leather or wood hitting that lovely round beautiful bottom.  Feeling the warmth that grows as I cover her butt with pops, hits and blows.  Hearing the peppery pops of the crop and her squeals it brings out of her.  The moans she gives with each crisp pop of the thin wooden paddle and the wetness I feel gaining in her cunt. The cries she lets out when bringing the painful small thick paddles down on her arse, letting me know how much it really hurts.  The groans she gives as I use the thickest wooden paddle on her, knowing by the shakes she won’t last long.  The pleasure.  As I feel and hear all she is given by me and all she gives in response, I am so horny I know precum is on the tip of my cock, aching to take her but holding out to give her all I can.  It is now time to pleasure her and bring her to her release.  Using my fingers, tongue and even vibrator to spur her on, it does not take long for her to come and then again.  I can’t wait any longer and I take her.  We are both spent by the time we are done and cuddling together on the bed, warm from the afterglow.

Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay

Christmas Gift


Photo by sub-Bee and her partner.


There she stood in her red velvet corset, black hold ups, black heels, collar, with her strawberry blonde hair up in a ponytail and blindfold covering her beautiful blue eyes.

After giving her the spanking she was in need of so desperately and then the orgasms to follow he had decided to move the next part of the fun into the area with the Christmas tree to have the lights shining on her.  

He stands in front of her taking her in before continuing.  So proud of his girl and needing so desperately to take her, yet wanting to do so much more to her before doing so.  

She can hear every move he makes and every sigh he takes as he works to get everything just as he wants it.  

He has her place her hands behind her back and puts cuffs on her wrists, connecting them together for now, so she can’t reach out and touch.  He then helps her kneel down on the pillow in front of her on the floor and as she does so he places her kitten ears on her head.  

“There’s my Kitten,” he says, “I will be right back love.”

She is on edge and so excited she can feel the wetness between her folds the more excited and turned on she gets, with the anticipation of what he has in store for her, even now after the many orgasms he has already given her.  She knows there is one thing she desperately wants at the moment and that is to please him.  To take his cock in her mouth and feast on him.  To give him the pleasure he has given her.

As she hears him return to her, she hears him place something beside her and then he says, “Kitten, what does my baby girl want right now?”

“I want you Daddy.  I want your cock, please.”

“Do you my sweet baby girl?  Daddy would love for you to have his cock.”

She hears him move closer and he says, “Are you ready then Kitten?”

“Yes Sir, I am so ready.”

She feels the tip of his cock touch her lips and she immediately opens her lips to take him in.  Slowly licking the tip and drawing in the head while doing so.  She loves teasing and pleasing him this way.

Suddenly there is a pop on her butt as she inhales quickly and squeaks not expecting it.  She continues her intake of his lovely growing cock.  He gives her more pops with the crop and she feels herself getting warmer once again.  

Working his shaft further into her mouth with each slide in and out, she hears his breathing getting more ragged.  She works him in deeper to her throat and gags a bit.  He has changed over to the flogger as she continues and she feels herself getting closer and closer to her own orgasm, just by her excitement of bringing him closer, as she is set and focused to bring him to his.  

He is amazed, knowing she is so close to her own, and he tells her, “Kitten if you can I want you to cum when I do.”

She nods her head in understanding.

He groans and feels himself getting close.  As he reaches his climax, letting his orgasm flow, he pulls out of her mouth and his cum goes over her face and neck, and parts of the tree that is right beside her.  She cries out as he comes with her own orgasm.

He catches his breath and steadies himself, reaching around her to separate the cuffs then takes off the blind fold.  He kneels down in front of her to make sure she is okay.

She blinks to help her eyes focus and looks lovingly at him and their surroundings.  She looks at the tree beside her and sees some of his jizz has hit one of the ornament balls and she smiles.  

He sees her smile and says, “Yes Kitten, you did that to Daddy.  You are amazing. Thank you for your gift of pleasure darling girl.”

“You are amazing Daddy.  Thank you.”

Kat xx

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Daydream – Friday Flash #35


This has a mild NSFW content, just FYI.

As we sit here in the dark cozy pub with friends in our favorite booth, I find myself drifting into daydreams.  Daydreams of just a short time ago.  Of wrists tied. Legs spread.  Glowing bottom getting redder by the second, so warm and sore.  Being brought to the brink by your skilled tongue and fingers again and again before finally toppling over into bliss.

I take a sip of my wine as I look at you with a knowing smile on my lips and my eyes show you what I am thinking of.

I then go back to that daydream and there is licking and sucking. In and out. Popping sounds with my mouth. Gagging sounds as you knock the back of my throat and I moan.

Oh, did I just do that out loud?  Oops.  You squeeze my leg with your hand.  I look up at that mischievous all-knowing smile.  A quick pat on my now wet again mound as you tell everyone we are leaving.  With giggles from me and a big grin on your face, we duck out of the cozy pub and make our way to our place for another scene to daydream about.


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Kat xx

An Erotic Journey


He could smell cookies and peppermint as he walked in the door.  She was no where around so he went in search of her.

As he walked in the room, he found her lying on the bed with twinkling lights surrounding her.  With just an opening at her feet for him to reach her.  She watched as he approached.  He took her in from head to toe.  She was dressed in her red babydoll he had gotten her with the thong to match, hold ups and her red heels to match.  Her beautiful long auburn hair up in a lush pony tail just as he liked it.

She saw his lust grow in his eyes as he took in her appearance and watched as his cock grew in his trousers as he walked around to her feet in the stiletto heels he had gotten her on their last trip.

“Look at my Kitten.  You are a beautiful edible site for Daddy right now. Do not move.  I will be back.”  And he walked into the large closet they shared.  As he returned a few minutes later he was naked and holding some implements and toys in his hands.

Looking at him in all his hard glory made her long for him to touch her and take her in his hands. To be his toy.

“Okay, baby girl.  You want to play.  Daddy is ready.”  He walked over to the bed and placed the items down beside her on her left.

“Now turn over and get on your hands and knees.  I hope you’re ready Kitten.  I am going to take you on an erotic journey tonight.  I am going to give you a matching red bottom to this gorgeous babydoll.  I will give you pain and pleasure, taking you to the point of seeing your own lights in your eyes similar to those surrounding you.  We will see them together, you and me.  You are mine and I will remind you and show you what that means.  And I am yours.”

With that he said, “Ready” and she answered, “Yes, Sir.”

And…”Pop, pop, pop” as his hand came down to start the journey he promised.

Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay

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Vintage Pin – Friday Flash No. 34 – NSFW


F Dot Leonora had a friend model her vintage pin for this prompt for this Fun Friday Flash.

She stood there in the doorway, dressed just as he had requested.  Her vintage dress of the color rose, with white-collar lining the neckline and cuffs on the short sleeves.  Cinched waste and pleated skirt, hold ups and rose heels to match.  Golden hair swept up with soft ringlets falling down a bit.

Looking the picture perfect image of the fifties with the last touch of a vintage pin on her bodice.  And as he stared at her standing in the doorway, sitting in his comfortable leather arm-chair, she saw his bulge already growing.

“Come here girl,” he said commanding her forward.

As she came to stand in front of him, he told her to kneel before him.  She did so and all the while staring at the bulge that is wanting to burst from his trousers.  She then looked up at him and as she did he nodded his consent.  She slowly unzipped his trousers as his rapidly growing cock was released and she immediately began to lick and take in the tip, circling it with her tongue.  His breath was unsteady as he enjoyed her onslaught to his thick shaft.

Sliding it in to her mouth a little further each time.  Finally touching the back of her throat the last few times to the point he couldn’t take it anymore.  He told her to stand and as she did he stood with her.

“Kneel with your head over the back of the chair, Kitten, and remove your knickers.”  As she did so, he pierced her dripping wet cunt with his hard cock, reaching around and circling her clit at the same time.

“I want you to come for me, baby.  You know you are mine and I want you to give me your orgasm now!”  He said this as he is pounding into her pussy.  Knowing he is hitting just the right spot as he does, for with each thrust in, she tightens her cunt on his shaft.  Each time proving the soon to be given orgasm he demands.

As her cunt starts to spasm she cries out her plea for release.  As he tells her to give it all to him, she washes over him as he releases with her.  Once spent he grabs her and spins them around and onto the chair together, with her on his lap.  Catching their breath from the intensity, he says, “I love the vintage pin with our picture in it, Kitten.”

“I thought you would, Daddy,” smiling knowingly at him. Wow, she loves when that primal need hits him like that!

I know, doesn’t match the picture but the vintage pin is what gave me the prompt. 😉

Kat xx

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