Scent of Us – NSFW


The scent of you fills my head as it fills my senses.  I am bound and can’t move, I am blindfolded and can’t see, but I can hear all you do, where ever you move and I can smell you as you move closer to me.  That masculine scent I love so much that rolls off of you in your excitement and need for this.  The musky scent of your cologne blending in and the combination making me wetter as I envision you as you move about preparing.

We decided to play on the St. Andrew’s cross today.  I am facing it, bound to it by cuffs and chains.  Blindfolded so I must use just my sense of sound and smell which heightens my sensitivity to your touch, your voice and the scents from both you, me and the leather you use on me.  Instead of the hand, you start with a soft leather paddle.  Slowly covering me with soft pops and caresses, working to cover both cheeks and backs of the thighs.  It doesn’t take long before I feel a warm glow and know it is getting a pretty pink.

You stop and I feel you move, most likely to grab the next implement.  I feel your approach and you kiss my left shoulder before you continue.  From the first contact on my right cheek I can tell it is the larger leather paddle that is a bit stiffer with less give to it.  I lean in to it at first taking the hits in until the stinging starts and I jump and moan as they get a bit harder.  I can feel I am getting redder by the moment and knowing the redder I get, the warmer I get.  I can smell the leather more and more as it heats up as well.  I take a deep breath in and focus on the leather scent.

You stop and move once more and I hear you pick up another implement and move back to me.  This time as you start it is with quick sharp pops and it being one of my favorite implements, I know it is the crop.  I jump with the first couple of impacts but then settle into the rhythm.  A few sharp pops has me exclaiming into the air as you say, “I know kitten, good girl,” and you continue. There are a few places on my bum and legs that are now quite sensitive when hit and each time you get to these spots I cry out.

The next hit surprises me because you have not walked away from me yet a new implement just went across my backside.  One I absolutely have come to be fond of.  The swish and caress of the suede flogger covers my cheeks, my thighs, my back all over and continues in this thudding, caressing manner.  And as with the other implements the longer you use it the harder the lashes and thudding from the flogger that has me gasping.  I take a deep breath in and my senses fill with the scent of leather and the smell of me as I get wetter with each new round.

I am tingling all over by this point and knowing you end with a sharp pop implement I await your next choice.  When I realize you have not moved once again, I sense the presence of another person that is handing you the next implement.  I get the faintest scent of lilac and vanilla and know it is a friend of ours that is here quite often.  This knowledge has me keen to know the next implement you will use.

With the first wallop of the strap on my ass I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long unless I lost myself in my head.  I cried out as the second lash came across my upper back thighs.  I heard you faintly say there would be four more lashes before you were done.  You sounded far away but I heard you and braced myself for them.  With each one I found myself shaking more and more, crying and sobbing with each lash to my back side and when the last one made contact I was a mess.  You reached between my legs to my pussy, fucking me with your fingers and knowing me as you do, told me to cum and I did, that fast.  You then held your fingers up to my mouth and I could smell my essence as you slid your fingers into my mouth and I licked them clean.

At this point, you made fast work of unfastening me from the cuffs, taking off the blindfold and just holding me on your lap until I had calmed down and I was breathing steady.  Our friend came over and kissed me and wiped away my tears.  You then asked if I was ready to be pleasured.  I looked up at you, smiled and nodded.  The scents of us all enveloped me in this beautiful cocoon of pleasure I will not soon forget.

Kat xx

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My Masturbation Monday story – NSFW


Growing up believing girls should not touch themselves and that sex was for after marriage, I never really actually knew my body and what made it tick or made it happy where sex is concerned.  I was in my 30s (yes, I said 30s) before I finally took time to get to know my body.

I had a day on my own at home and decided it was time to get to know my body.  I had just gotten a new toy and had thought about using it.  But first, I was going to explore myself by touching.

I got completely undressed and laid down on my bed, my hair fanning out over my pillow.  I started by feeling my breasts… fondling them, kneading them, pinching my nipples and rolling them between my fingers. Then worked down my ribs to my stomach, running over my belly button to my cleanly smooth-shaven mound.  I enjoyed feeling the smoothness and stayed there for a bit taking it in.

As I moved my fingers up and down my pussy lips, I took in the sensations of pleasure I felt, passing over my clit, going in circles and rubbing it as I did so.  From my clit I slid my fingers down the middle of my lips and into my cunt where it was getting nice and wet, sliding up and down from clit to pussy, reaching in deeper with my fingers, touching my g-spot, (which I didn’t realize how it felt until now) being a soft pad right behind my clit.

I continued in this continuous movement up and down my lips from clit to inside my cunt, hitting that g-spot.  The sensations were amazing and I could feel my body reacting, quickening and clinching.  I continued hitting that glorious spot until my release hit me unexpectedly and fast.  I was amazed at my body’s reaction to my touch.

I knew this would not be the last time and I made sure I had many more times in experiencing self pleasing alone times.

Happy Masturbation Monday!

Kat xx

*Pic from Tumblr

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A Dream or Fantasy Halloween – NSFW


My friend Amanda and I received an invitation to a party tonight at the corn maze that was not too far away.   We were to dress in costumes and there would be a contest for best costume.  So, we were trying to think of the best costumes to dress in. I was excited because I had heard weird stories of this party and wanted to see for myself that they were not true.

She dressed in a milkmaid costume and I decided to dress as a sexy slave princess.  We helped each other with makeup and hair and once we were ready we headed out.  It was already dark and we got turned around at one point but we finally found the place and parked among the other many cars that were already there.

There were so many different costumes to see.  Outlandish and then of course traditional.  From space warriors and Avenger heroes, to ghosts, witches and vampires.  We had fun chatting to some guys we knew and we enjoyed some drinks and dancing.  We then decided to go in the maze.  The moon was full and bright, making it easy to see our way through.  A couple of pirates, a Roman God, vampire and ghost came with us.  All guys being macho proclaiming they would protect us as we were going through.

We were deep in the maze, being a bit loud at first and then whispering to each other to be quieter or we may wake the dead.  Then Amanda squeezed my arm and pointed at her watch.  I looked down at mine, seeing that we were only minutes away from midnight! We were on pins and needles to see if anything happened as we had heard in the stories.  We found a couple of bales of hay to sit on to watch and the guys sat down with us.

All at once an urge came over me to kneel in front of the guy dressed as the Roman God.  I stopped myself, looked over to Amanda who was getting crowded by the guys dressed as pirates as she was looking around for something possibly out of sight.  I saw the vampire and ghost were no longer with us.  I felt a pull on the collar and chain around my neck and looked around to the Roman God. He was pulling on it telling me to kneel at his feet.  I did it without thinking and could not control myself from doing it.  He put his hand, that was not holding the chain, under my chin and looked at me sternly and said, “You will satisfy my needs slave and I will take what is mine.”

I went up on my knees and pushed up his robe to have access to his large hard cock waiting for my touch.  I began licking and sucking his large girth and an overwhelming urge to please him came over me as I continued to take him deeper.  He said, “Enough! I want to play with you. Come here slave.”  I stood up and by his side.  He immediately threw me over his knees and pulled down the bottom of my clothes to my ankles.  He fondled my bottom over both cheeks and down each thigh, grazing my lips as he went back up to my cheeks.  He proceeded to slap both cheeks with his hand over and over again as I felt them get warmer and my pussy get wetter.  He then slid his hand down to my folds feeling the warmth and wetness he was searching for.

“I see my slave is enjoying this.  Am I right slave?”

“Yes Sir, I am.” I said in response.  My mind thinking, what the hell?

He then pulled me up to his lap, sat me down facing him, pulled out my breasts from their small enclosed space and began sucking and playing with my nipples.  Oh shit! I thought. And then, OH YES! 

For his pinching, nibbling and sucking along with playing with my clit was getting me dangerously close to coming.  I heard myself say, “Oh Master, please can I come?”

He then responded with, “No, not yet slave.  I will take you now and we will come together.”  And he lifted me like a leaf and impaled me like lightning.  Fucking me hard by moving me up and down on his cock like a doll to play with.  We both came and as soon as we did, I was pulled off of him and thrown on the ground by something.

I looked up and saw what looked like a vampire with fire in his eyes.

“Mine!” He said vehemently and was on me before I could move.  I felt something holding me down but could see nothing and no one.  I fought against what I could not see and heard a low voice say, “be still. It is better for you to just be still and enjoy.”

I looked around for the Roman God and he had disappeared.  I screamed, not knowing what to do.

“Look into my eyes.  You are mine now.”  I looked at him and a sudden calm went through me and desire spread through my whole being.  My mind was crying out, This can’t be real!

I opened myself to him, spreading my legs for him to have his way with me as he wanted.  I could not control my body and what it was doing.  I realized I had been tied up by my hands at my wrists and they were secured to a post above my head.  I was being fondled by an invisible force I could not control.  I was being devoured by a mouth I could not see, taking my mouth and breasts at will and I was lost by the onslaught of sensations taking me over.  The vampire was playing with my thighs, kneading them and licking them, up to my cunt where he was then devouring me, taking me all in, including my clit, like he was eating me alive.

I was screaming in my mind that this could not be happening.  It was all just a dream, a fantasy maybe.  My body took over my thoughts and the sensations it was taking in took it to a space of overwhelming pleasure.  I heard a scream, was that me?  Then blackness took over.

When I came to I was in my bed, in my room, completely naked.  I looked around and my costume was on the floor as if I had just taken it off and fallen into bed.  I touched my body all over to make sure I was okay.  Was that a dream? A fantasy in my own mind?  Where was Amanda?  Was she okay?

I looked around for my phone, finding it on the floor, I grabbed it, plugged it in real quick and messaged Amanda.

“Hey! Are you okay? Where are you?”

“HI! Yes, I am fine. What a weird night!  I am at home in my bed.  I had the strangest dream…or fantasy…still, WOW!”

“You too?!? We have got to talk! Lunch?”

“Agree! Meet you at that Pub in an hour?”

“You got it. See you there!”

*Painting found on Pinterest

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Fractured – NSFW


From Kayla: “Last year, during October, Maria’s haunting image inspired a Halloween-theme for the month. It’s only fitting that another image of hers inspire spooky smut again this year. To me, Marialooks like something out of a murder scene — and yet still hauntingly gorgeous. What do you see? Smutty writers, share your posts with us this week! Smutty readers, enjoy (and don’t touch your screen with sticky fingers).

Image originally published as Fracture and used with permission.”


She was sitting there at the bus stop.  It was a clear night and the moon shone bright in the sky.  Natalie was in her dress she had worn to work that day.  Her long blond hair held out of her face by only a headband.  Reading a book about vampires, witches and werewolves, she was so engrossed in the story she didn’t realize someone had come up to the bus stop and sat down on the bench beside her.  She looked up to see a man, wrapped up in his coat, looking straight ahead.  She looked around to see if anyone else had appeared and realized they were there alone.  She saw there was a fog slipping in and felt a chill pass over her from head to foot.

She looked down the road to see if she saw any lights for the bus, but there was none.  Looking back where the man was sitting she realized he had gotten up and was now standing over a bit in the shadow of an oak tree nearby.  She then heard a voice surrounding her, washing over her with the calm of a loving caress, “Come here child.  Do not be scared. I will take care of you.”

She didn’t know what came over her as she stood up from the bench and started walking toward the man under the oak.  Her total focus was on him.  She felt a warm feeling flow through her as she got closer to the man.  As she stood in front of him, she felt as if in a trance.  A warm tingling sensation washed over her down to her pussy and knew she was getting wet just by being near him.  She looked up at his face.  It was a very strong face, with high cheek bones and chiseled features with square jaw line.  She looked into his dark intense eyes, waiting for him to say something.

He touched her face with his right hand as she continued looking at him, feeling a charge go through her at his touch. “Frumuseţe,” he said softly. “Beautiful girl,” he then said in English.  Her body swayed toward him and he kissed her, turning her around so the trunk of the tree supported her back and she was held there as his left hand explored her breasts and ran down her taut stomach to her hips and around to her right cheek of her bottom, squeezing and kneading it, making her wanton even more than she already was for this man.

She moaned into their kiss. She couldn’t hold back the, “More…” she whispered as he continued, moving his right hand this time and joining his left in the onslaught of taking her body even deeper into erotic ecstasy.  Her dress was now at her hips, his left hand still on her butt as his right hand dives into her lacy knickers and slowly works her wet folds.  She is frantic with the need of his touch, as he seems to be just as frantic to touch her.  He kisses her from her mouth down to her neck, biting her as he sinks two fingers into her pussy as his thumb works her clit.  She almost immediately releases, softly crying out in the night, feeling as she has been fractured into a million electrical pieces.

He then rips the knickers from her, his trousers are undone and down before she knows what is happening.  He lifts her and impaled her in one smooth move with his rock hard cock.  He pummels her against the tree, hard and deep, taking her in a primal way she has never experienced.  She reaches her climax and releases once again.  The excitement and recklessness of this encounter is sending her completely over the edge.

“You. Are. Mine.!” he says with each thrust as they both release together and tremble from the intensity of it all.

He pulls out of her as he places her back on her feet and pulls his trousers back up. Looks at her, pulls her in his arms and says, “Kitten, you are amazing.  Was that as you expected it to be?”

“Better!” she says, snuggling into him, content and happy.

“Maybe next time, we can meet at that quaint pub just down the road.”

She nodded, “we can definitely make that fun, Daddy,” she smiled up at him.

“Ready to go home so I can take care of you properly?” He asked.

“Oh, yes, please.”

They then walk arm in arm, picking up her things from the bench on the way and on to the car parked over on the side of the road just down from the bus stop.

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Oh How The Mind and Body React – NSFW


Here I lay on our bed, legs tied apart to the posts on each corner, head propped up by pillows, in my beautiful purple corset, holdups and hair up in a pony tail and Daddy sitting in a leather armed chair just where he can watch me back from the foot of the bed.  He has left my hands free at the moment and I am waiting for his direction.

“Kitten, I want you to slowly, with your right hand touch the lips of your cunt and only your lips, moving up and down, from the tip around your clit to the lower part near your butt.  Then with your left hand play with your nipples.  Show Daddy how much you enjoy touching yourself for him.” He said.

“Yes Sir.” I said.  As I was wide open for him to see all, I felt vulnerable yet extremely horny, as I slid my fingers up and down my lips and pinched and caressed my nipples.

“Good girl. That’s it, slowly” he said as did so, “Look at me, don’t look away and don’t close your eyes.  Yes.  Imagine you are being watched by several Dom/mes and subs.  They are surrounding us, around my chair and the bed.  Your eyes stay on me, knowing they are here watching.  Now, dip your fingers, two of them, into your cunt and tell me what you feel.”

“Wet Daddy. Very horny.”

“Good girl.  That’s it, continue slowly sliding those fingers in and out.  Squeeze on your fingers with those lovely muscles that love to squeeze Daddy’s cock so hard.”

“Mmm, yes Sir, Daddy.”

“That’s my Kitten, my little minx.  Show me how much you enjoy touching yourself for me.  Oh yes.”

I sigh, more like a purring sound, and continue touching and fingering myself.  Oh how my mind and body react to his words.  Getting wetter and feeling the excitement building in my body, the sensations taking over my actions as I start to finger fuck myself harder and moan with the pleasure.

“Kitten…stop!” he says all of a sudden seeing me come close to climax.

I moan, stop myself and say, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

He then stands, goes to one side and ties my wrist to the upper post on the right side then walks to the left side and does the same.  He then walks over to the foot of the bed and looks down at me.  “It’s Daddy’s turn,” he says with a gleam in his eyes.  I see the crop in his hand and he starts peppering me with pops from the crop up and down my legs and then a few good pops to my cunt that has me squealing. Once he feels pleased with his marks on me he drops the crop and dives in to my cunt. Licking my clit, my lips up and down, plunging his tongue into my pussy and not letting up until I am gasping.

He then stops for a second to look up at me, face glistening with my juices and he is back in, both tongue and fingers this time.  Finger fucking my cunt and licking my clit so fast it feels like a vibrator.  It didn’t take long till I was begging him to let me cum.  He waited a bit more into my begging before he finally told me to cum.  I did, and wow, did I ever!

He was not done however.  He picked up the Doxy and before I had even come down from that orgasm he had me buzzing back up to another.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even wiggle from it, and there was no escaping the fast building orgasm that was about to explode through me again.  I didn’t even have to beg. Daddy just said, “Cum for me now kitten!” And I did.

Once I did, Daddy loosened the ties on my legs and arms, pulled me down to the end of the bed and impaled me with his rock hard cock.  So hard it brought me back up quickly and as he reached his orgasm with mine he said, “You. Are. Mine!” with the last three pumps and we both cried out in our pleasure.

He then pulled out and climbed up with me, cradling me in his arms and just holding me for a while. Both of us basking in each other and what we share.

Kat xx

*Pic from Pinterest


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Sorority Shenanigans Part 3 – NSFW


As the girls are getting back from the football game, Alena and Deanna in their cheerleaders uniforms of short skirts, bloomers and tight tops, and Lena, Beth and Jenna in their dance uniforms, same tight tops but tight bottoms as if painted on, they discussed getting showers and going out to celebrate the win.

They come through the door of the sorority house all talking at once in excitement.  “Okay okay okay,” said Lena, “Lets get our showers ladies!”

“Hold up!” Beth says. “Will you gals please shave me? I can’t get all the areas I need to. Please!”

Deanna looked at the others and they all smile. “Sure we can.” Deanna says.  “We should do that first though and then you can take a shower to wash off after.”

“Oh thank you!” Beth says.

They all get upstairs to one of the bedrooms, have Beth and Jenna both lay down on the bed, deciding they would do them both at the same time.  The girls take off their tight bottoms, since there was no room to wear knickers under them.  Deanna and Lena each do the shaving and Alena gets the towels and wet clothes.  As the girls are shaving, Alena is wiping down the girls and getting more shaving cream on them.  Deanna was just about done with Beth.  Alena, seeing this, held up her first finger to Deanna to hold on.  She leaned down and sticking out her tongue, licked the upper area of Beth’s cunt.  She heard Beth take in a deep breath.

“A little more right on the top, Deanna.”

She then went over to Lena and Jenna and did the same to Jenna.  Jenna also took in a deep breath at the touch of Alena’s tongue on her upper pussy and clit area.

“A little more closer to the clit Lena.”

So, the girls went back to those areas and were able to get them smoother.

Alena went back to Beth first and first touched the area with her tongue, then her finger.  Taking that finger, she moved it down Beth’s cunt to see how smooth she was, saying, “Deanna, great job! She is very smooth.” She then moved her finger into Beth’s cunt and then two. “Mmmm, seems like someone enjoyed it very much too, huh, Beth?”

Beth nodded her agreement, unable to speak being breathless from feeling so horny from Alena’s touch.

“See Deanna, feel how smooth that is.” And Deanna proceeded to follow Alena’s lead and finger Beth as Beth lets out a low moan. “Oh yes, very smooth, if I do say so myself,” says Deanna.

Alena then moves to Jenna, doing the same.  “Well I see it has affected you, Jenna, in the same way as Beth.”  What do you think Lena?” Lena feels Jenna and says, “Why yes, Alena, I believe you are right.” Lena continues fingering Jenna with low moans coming from Jenna as well.

The girls continue to finger Beth and Jenna as Alena takes turns going back and forth from Beth to Jenna and back again, sucking on their nipples, licking their clits and pinching their nipples.  It doesn’t take long before both girls cry out with their orgasms.

“Well, that went well!” Said Alena. “Now showers!”

They all throw off their clothes in a big heap and run to the shower.  This one is big enough for them all to fit in.  So they all jump in and start lathering each other and helping each other wash off.   Beth and Jenna double team Alena while Deanna and Lena enjoy watching and touching each other.  Beth fingers Alena while Jenna moves from Alena’s clit to her nipples, playing with each until Alena lets out of shout with her orgasm.  They then move over to Deanna and Lena and with Alena’s help they both are not long before their orgasms rocket through them.

They all finish washing off, get dressed, helping each other with makeup and accessories and out the door they go to meet up with the others to celebrate.

KK xx


Once again, Daddy asked me to continue this story of Sorority Shenanigans.  So, I hope you enjoy. ~ KK

*Pic from Pinterest





Here Kitty Kitty-NSFW


**I haven’t participated in Masturbation Monday since I was a guest! I am here to try my somewhat inexperienced hand again. In the words of Kayla Lords: “This image was photographed by Molly Moore and originally published as Treat by Cara Thereon, and it’s used with permission from both.”

Here I kneel on the bed with my cute kitty ears on, my sweet pink collar with the bell and my gorgeous kitty butt plug tail wrapped around to my knee.  It took a bit to work up to this plug that is with my beautiful tail.  But I am now comfortable enough to wear it and get the yummy sensations from it.

I had received a message from Daddy right as I was finishing my writing for the day. He said he wanted to see his kitten as his favorite Halloween pet in all her glory when he got home.  So, seeing I had about an hour before he arrived home, I closed my laptop, had a nice warm shower, put out the possible implements and toys he might want to use and dressed myself in my favorite kitty things and knelt on the bed just before I hear his car pull up outside.

Feeling the sensations from the tail plug, I know I am already wet.  Just thinking of our coming playtime as he walks in the door gets me even wetter.  I hear him place his things down on the table and remove his shoes.  He is walking toward our room where I wait, calling out, “here Kitty Kitty.”  Then as he walks through the bedroom door and sees me, he makes a deep sound in his chest and says, “there’s my kitty.”

He walks over to the bed, sits down beside me and looks at me for a few minutes before leaning in and giving me an extremely passionate kiss.  Mmmm…I have a feeling our play time will be intense.

“Okay, Kitten, you have been a good girl this week so we will do a maintenance spanking before we play. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great Daddy.”

“Great! Head down, ass up, Kitten. Here we go.”  He picked up the brush and proceeded to pepper my cheeks and upper thighs until there was a nice pink blush.  Then he continued with the leather paddle and the solid thumping had me dripping and a bright red.  Finally, the crop was picked up and I melted into the sharp pats and slaps covering my upper thighs, each of my cheeks and wet cunt.  I was panting and squealing by the time he was finished and he then had me roll over on my back.

“Open your legs Kitten.” I did so and he said, “Good girl.”

More pops on my pussy lips and more squealing and giggling from me.  He loves hearing me at this point, knowing he will not have to do much to get me to the point of cumming for him.

“Is Daddy’s Kitten going to cum for him?”

“Oh yes Daddy!”

“Good.” With this he bent down and began finger fucking me, first with two fingers and then with three.  As he was doing this he is licking and sucking my clit.  With each thrust of his fingers and the sensations of his tongue tickling my clit, I was carried away by the emotions flowing over and through me.  It does not take long before I am right on the edge.

“Oh, Daddy, I need to cum, please!”

“Are you sure Kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy, Please!!”

“Yes, Kitten cum for Daddy now!”

I yell out and soak Daddy’s fingers as I cum.  Once I catch my breath I ask, “May I take care of you now Daddy?”

“Yes my darling girl and then Daddy will play some more with his Kitten.”

Mmmm…as I thought… intense!