Write…Read…What’s next?? – #SoSS


A little late, but better late than never, right?! 😉

There is so much going on right now! So many prompts a person can participate in and read!  I want to do them all!! 

Unfortunately I can’t and I hate it because I would love to give everyone my support all the time.  And it helps me with my writing.  But, even if you are great with scheduling things and doing them, it’s still hard to cover them all.  And I am not one that is very good at that. 

AND, I am participating in the Smut Marathon.  I thought I was clever doing a poem type writing for my first story since it was so short.  Obviously I was wrong. 😦  I have already started learning from it with a few recommendations and helpful insights (thank you to all who left comments!).  So, I am still in it for this next round (2) and will hopefully get to the next one.  Crossing fingers, toes, hair….well, you get the jest.  


Here are the prompts I participated in this past week and a few more that are available for your participation or reading pleasure. 🙂

Masturbation Monday:  Wicked Daddy

TMI Tuesday:  My Post

Wicked Wednesday:  Erotic Photo

Friday Flash:  Locked Together in Love

Others prompts:

Sinful Sunday

Menstruation Matters

The Erotic Journal Challenge

February Photofest

Fantasy Smut Friday

Food For Thought Friday

Lingerie is for Everyone

Kink of the Week

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health

Tell Me About Dominance and Submission

There is some really great advice out there if you are interested.  For all of us writers out there, if you didn’t see the input for our writing, please go to the voting page of the Smut Marathon and see what you can learn!

I love when you can get advice from those that have “been there, done that,” so kinda have an insight on how things might work.  Check out the unsolicited, yet quite helpful, advice from Brigit Delaney regarding things to look for and possible insight on writing.

Better get back to getting ready for my next writing assignment! Have a great week and enjoy, whether writing, reading or both!

Kat xx


Mind Boggling Crazy #SoSS


I didn’t get my Sharing post out last weekend.  Way too much going on and boggling crazy mind elsewhere.

I really enjoyed joining in on the prompts this week and sharing a bit as well.  AND, I turned in my first entry for the Smut Marathon! (This is run by Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes)  Eeeek!!  Judging starts this Sunday (2/10/19).

There are a few new/fairly new prompts to take part in and they are:

The Erotic Journal Challenge by Brigit Writes

Lingerie Is For Everyone by Violet Fawkes

February Photofest by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss (Only for February)

Fantasy Smut Friday by Forbidden Writings

Kink of The Week by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

Menstruation Matters – by A to Sub Bee

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health – by Sassy Cat

Here I will share some of the prompts I participated in this week, and also the prompts for you to be able to go to and check out other bloggers’ works and pics.

Masturbation Monday – by Kayla Lords – Sugar and Spice

TMI TuesdayMy post

Wicked Wednesday – by Marie Rebelle –  Our D/s and How Things Change

Friday Flash – by F Dot Leonora –  Hungry and Taxed


Sinful Sunday – by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

Food For Thought Friday

Also, this week the amazing Kayla Lords has some great advice on “What to Do Instead of Waiting for Inspiration” on her Smutlancer podcast so check it out for some information you may not have thought of, or possibly for a reminder.

I normally would share my favorite picks from a couple of the prompts I join in on, but wanted to make sure to share the ever-growing list of available prompts to check out and join in on.

*If there are any other prompts I have forgotten or did not include the correct sponsor for these prompts, my humble apologies.*

There are a lot of prompts/memes out there to offer for your writing and reading pleasure.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend and new week!!

Kat xx


So Much for #SoSS


So, I have had sooo much going on recently.  My goal to be better about scheduling ahead worked one week so far. (Ugh! Life!)  I will be doing better.  I have to!  I signed up to participate in the Smut Marathon (Eeeek!) and am researching other avenues regarding writing and where I want to take things this year.

There are a couple of new prompts that have been started.  The Erotic Journal Challenge by Brigit Delaney and the Lingerie is for Everyone by Violet Fawkes.  Check them out and join in if you feel moved to!

Starting on January 27, tomorrow, the Smut Marathon begins.  So check out what is going on there and support all the writers.  They appreciate helpful feed back and input.

Beginning February 1 will be the February Photofest by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss.  It will be a daily photo sharing for February! Many use it as a building tool for self-esteem, or a source for pushing your own limits and comfort zones.  Or just something absolutely fun you can share with others of a like mind.

So far I have participated (not all the time nor every week) in the following prompts:

So far that is it.  I hope I didn’t miss one.  I only was able to participate in two this week:

*TMI Tuesday

*Wicked Wednesday with Exploring Her Bodyscape

I definitely plan on doing more this coming week!

There are other prompts out there as well.  Keep your eyes open on the reader feed and on twitter.  Not sure where else to watch for but if you want to get some writing in, there is always something to join in on.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your weekend and the coming week!

Kat xx



My #SoSS Of The Week


#SoSS of the week. 

 I’ve been a bit under the weather this week.  I was able to do a few prompts anyway.  And will share those below.

But first…

I am absolutely so freaking excited to join in on the Smut Marathon, brought to you by rebelnotes.com, that begins 27th of January! I may not be in it long, since I don’t think I am as great a writer as so many that are participating this year, but I am really excited to learn more about my writing and what works so that I can become a better writer than I am.

There are so many great prompts being offered right now to participate in.  Not only the usual weekly prompts but there are some new ones that are being offered now as well and I will list them all.  There are those that have a guest that picks out the top 3 and then there are those that are just fun to participate in and share.

And so let’s begin:

Masturbation Monday:

Marie Rebel was the guest judge this week to choose her top three in the Masturbation Monday prompt.

The three she chose are : 

  1. The Interview by Sarah Helena Hart
  2. I Took It by Kayla Lords
  3. Come To Me by Floss

Wicked Wednesday:

Floss was the guest judge this week to choose her top three in the Wicked Wednesday prompt.

The three she chose are :

  1. Your Loss by Molly Moore
  2. What Greta Did by Posy Churchgate
  3. Doing It By The Book by Ella Scandal

(These are the ones chosen prior to my #SoSS  🙂  )

**Now, the rest of the prompts offered, along with Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday, are as follows and you can join in at any time:

Sinful Sunday – by Molly Moore

TMI Tuesday 

Friday Flash – by F Dot Leonora

Menstruation Matters – by A to Sub Bee

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health – by Sassy Cat

The Erotic Journal Challenge – by Brigit Delaney

The prompts I joined in this week are:

*Masturbation Monday – Sexy Tease

*TMI Tuesday

*The Erotic Journal Challenge – Discovering Your Sexuality

I am exhausted from this last week but was determined to get this in by the end of the weekend.  

Everyone have a happy week!

Kat xx

Sexiness & So Much #SoSS


So, I didn’t do this for a week or two during the holidays.

I am back! And boy it has been really hard deciding on my favorite posts picks for some of the prompts I participate in.  I have shared the link for each weekly prompt so you can check out the other hot posts I didn’t share here!

So here we go:

Masturbation Monday: Brought to you by Kayla Lords

*I must say, Floss of Floss Does Life and her [Erotica] Sir’s Timepiece Part 2 was a great hot follow up to last week’s prompt of Sir’s Timepiece

*Lascivious Lucy shares her story Brat where this little Princess gets her punishment.  Or is it really punishment? Hmmm…

*On Queer Street shares Peppermint Tea and Nipple Pinching and ohhh is it sooo sizzling hot!

TMI Tuesday:

I don’t pick any from this prompt but it is so much fun getting to know other bloggers through participating in this one!

Wicked Wednesday: Brought to you by Marie Rebelle

I really got a lot out of this week’s prompt.  Before and After had a lot of us sharing some part of ourselves.

Like Floss of Floss Does Life (yes, Floss again! Ha!) On her Life Before, After & Letting Love In

And Marie Rebel of Rebels Notes and her Four Symbols showing her beautiful tattoo she had done for her mom

And then E. L. Byrne and the Before and After story of her wonderful journey

Friday Flash: Brought to you by F Dot Leonora

One of my favorite prompts to join in on.  It is challenging to come up with a story, poem or writing for a few words (35-500), therefore the reason it is a “Flash”  I didn’t participate since December 14th but did so this week.  Go to the link attached above and see who all is participating and what great writing there is for those short amount of words!

Kink of the Week:  Brought to you by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

For this prompt Molly gives you more time to get your posts in.  (Like this current one is Jan 1-16)  I love the stories and insights to the bloggers with these posts.  Check them out by following the link above!

Sinful Sunday: Brought to you by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

I participated in this prompt once. There are beautiful (sinful and sensual) pictures to see so go check them out at the link I share above!

My posts for this past week:

*Mirror Time for Masturbation Monday

*TMI Tuesday’s Fill in the Blanks

*Before and After for Wicked Wednesday

*Glass Full for Friday Flash

*Night Time Sex for Kink of the Week





I was a little better this week by getting out my posts on the prompts on time or a little early, not so much with this! Ha!! 😀

There were some great stories this week! Some bringing tears to my eyes, some having me laugh out loud and others getting me a bit hot!  Here I will share with you my top choices out of all these wonderful stories:

Masturbation Monday:

Kisungura of My Controlled Ascent shares what happens when a submissive doesn’t decorate the tree as instructed and gets decorated by her Dom as the tree instead

Scandarella  describes a game where the subject is not too pleased at first with what she has been taxed to do, but in the end loses herself in the directions given to her.

Lascivious Lucy shows what happens when having to hold a ball ornament in the middle of your legs as you are being teased and brought to orgasm

Wicked Wednesday:

I Visit Carla by Life of Elliott is so hot and sexy about a woman’s first time experience with another woman

Pillow Talk by Posy Churchgate is such a hot story of a submissive being worked over by one not normally doing the dominating

Fire Meet Gasoline by Submissy is a lovely powerful description of her relationship and I felt I totally knew and understood where she was and is

Friday Flash:

F Dot Leonora shows the urgent need for kink in this hot short story

Rebel writes this quite emotional bit that left tears rolling down my cheeks

Love is a Paraphilia works the words of the song into her hot little story

Other Prompts to check out:

Sinful Sunday

TMI Tuesday

Food For Thought Friday – Find any blogs with this badge:


Kink Of The Week

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Kat xx

My #SoSS for the week of 2 December


It has been a crazy week this week so I haven’t been able to do as much as I would like.  I am learning so much about writing and what people like by the choices that are picked each week.  I have listed below the ones I liked most from each of the great prompts I like to participate in as well as some others you might want to check out:

Masturbation Monday:

OMG! There were soooo many great stories this week. 35 all together! I found a couple of blogs I hadn’t followed yet and after reading their stories, I now follow 🙂

Here are three I just adored:

Tease Me Under The Mistletoe by Lilith’s Little Black Book

Morning Dick by Pandora’s Box

Party Games by Molly Moore

Wicked Wednesday:

I normally love to participate in this prompt but I was so exhausted by the time I was able to sit down and try to write I couldn’t focus.  So, this week I didn’t get to join in.  Here are the ones I really liked from it:

Amateur Porn Cam by Life of Elliott

Jennifer Learns About Maddie by Jerusalem Mortimer

If I Had To Start A Porn Site by Nero Speaks

Flash Friday:

So far there are 7 of us that have posted our stories but you have until 10 December to participate.  These are the ones I would choose out of the ones posted:

The Slut’s Prayer by Floss Does Life

Midnight Mistletoe by Sex Matters

Felicity Pinned by E T Castello

Other Weekly Prompts:

TMI Tuesday

Sinful Sunday – 42 amazing posts this week!!

So, check out these prompts for the week and enjoy all the great stories that are offered, as well as great fun answers to read on the TMI Tuesday posts.

Until next week…

Kat xx