Experiences in this lifestyle

Since being with Daddy and delving into this D/s lifestyle, there have been so many things I never thought I would do, feel or experience.

From knowing I am submissive, to realizing so many kinks I never thought I would enjoy, it’s been a grand ride! I am learning so much and loving it. For I am one that loves to learn and experience new things all the time.

Let’s see how many things I can list:

  1. Daily pictures of both day time knickers and night time knickers
  2. Butt plug wearing
  3. Kegel balls wearing
  4. Vibrator by app play
  5. Play time with Daddy setting the scene and my imagination taking me right along with him to orgasm
  6. Daddy sending me play costumes to wear for him for playtimes
  7. Daddy sending me lingerie, stockings and a butt load of knickers (his passion)
  8. Daddy getting implements (paddles…so many paddles, crops, floggers, etc…), toys, blind folds…
  9. Going to places I’ve never been before
  10. Guidance in organizing my life
  11. Guidance in helping with my mantra
  12. Daddy giving me so much support in my writing and doing things I love doing, creative wise

I know there is more but stopping there. A great start to my experiences in this lifestyle❣️ Thank you, Daddy❤️

I hope it brought some great memories back to you with my sharing mine!

KK xx

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An amazing moment

One thing I can say…it’s good to have Daddy around when I go into one of my anxiety modes. He senses it and makes me focus on him, just like he did today. I had a lot to do as we were having people over for dinner tonight, had to deal with work and had to take care of things for us. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious.

Daddy felt all this, made me turn to him as we sat at the table, hold his hands and look him in the face and tell him what was wrong. It made me focus on him, my crazy in-overdrive-mind slow down and calm down about it all and talk about it.

That was an amazingly appreciated moment!!❤️

KK xx

At that point…

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you will never get where you want to go, be who you want to be, do what you want to do? Like the world just keeps throwing obstacles in your path to make things more difficult, frustrating and feeling defeated?

I am at the point I just want to throw up my hands and say I quit and run away!

I was raised to think of others, to make others happy and to do the right thing. I am trying to do all that and finally do all that for me too! It’s my turn to think of me, to be happy, to do the right thing for me! Yet trying to do that is sooo hard!! Ugh! I want to scream!!

Thanks so much anxiety, guilt, feeling responsible and fear; along with the biggest frustration ever! Go away and leave me alone! I need strength to get through all this🙈🙏

Okay…done venting now and getting that off my chest and out of my head.

Thank you💋

LD Playdate

IMG_2394Daddy and I have a playdate planned for this afternoon/evening.  I am to wear my  costume of choice and all the fixings.  There will of course be spankings involved and then toy play.

My thoughts are all over the place in wondering what Daddy will do and what he will have me do.  Maybe have me wear my butt gem while we play, and/or nipple clams.  Maybe use the wand or one of the other wonderful fun toys that we enjoy.  One, or many, possibly.  Sometimes he tells me a few hours prior to either put in my Kegel balls or my butt gem, which really get me keened up for play.  All I know is the sound of his voice and his guidance in the play is what gets me excited the most.

Having an extremely over-active imagination is a benefit to us both when we play long distance.  It is nothing in comparison to being in the same physical space, but knowing we will eventually get there, and get there for good soon, keeps us determined and eager to make it work. And believe it or not, our playdates keep us connected and centered with each other.

I am a blessed kitten baby girl to have a Daddy Dom that loves me as he does.

Kitty Kat

A few moments in time mean so much…What do you do to make your significant one feel loved?

IMG_1670When Daddy messages me or makes a quick call in to see how his Kitten is doing and how her day is going, makes me feel so special.  We never go a day without talking or messaging throughout the day to constantly stay in touch and communicate. It is such an important part of any relationship, especially when so far apart.  It means so much because it shows we care for one another, want what we have to last and that it is important to us both.

The little things we do and say to and for each other mean so much.

What do you do to make the one you love feel important, loved and that they mean so much?