Exploring Her Bodyscape


Dean walks into the room after washing up and getting ready for bed.   Layna has covered herself with the duvet but only half way, so he can see her lovely naked curves he craves.  He loves to explore every twist and turn, every hill and valley of her beautiful figure.

He travels over her body with his mind. 

Her shiny long golden hair that smells of coconut and cocoa butter.  How luscious it is as it falls down to her mid-back.  Or up in a pony tail swinging from side to side as he pushes her into ecstasy.  

Her gorgeous sea blue eyes he peers into and insists look at him as he takes her.

Her long creamy neck feeling so smooth and warm as he places his hand around it, just to hold it as he teases and leads her on.  

Her chest where those beautiful bountiful breasts of hers move and bobble as he grips them and sucks them into his mouth, making them perk up the more he works them.  

Her sensitive tummy as it undulates with the feelings she takes as he gives.  The tickling, licking, feeling and nibbling that makes it do so. 

Her hips, so delicate it feels every touch and breath he slides over it, making her jump, inhale and giggle in kind.  He could play with her there for hours.

Her thighs, oh those thighs.  Succulent and so tasty he can’t keep his hands and mouth off them.  Same with her bottom.  All so beautiful when he spanks them, turning them from rose to bright red and warm to hot at the touch.  Oh just the thought makes him so hard.

And then the most magical place on her whole body, the very place that begs for his touch, to entice, thrill and take what is his.  Her pussy, that delicious cunt that he treasures and loses himself in.  The smell and taste of her.  The very essence of the woman he loves and owns.  

As he sees this all in his mind, standing beside the bed taking her in, she shifts, turns to him and lifts her hands to beg him to come to her.  He blinks and slides in under the duvet with her, takes her in his arms and ravages her, exploring her again, showing her she is his once more.  


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Hers/His – A vignette – #344 of Wicked Wednesday


Prompt suggested by Molly.  A vignette is “a brief evocative description, account, or episode” – a bit like a very short story but sometimes they can be a series of vignettes that are somehow related. Maybe they tell the same moment from different peoples perspective or maybe they are a series of short pieces that all relate to the same topic or subject. So your task this week is to write a series of vignettes, how they link, well that is up to you.

I have had a lot going on this week and have already not been able to get some posts done I wanted to do to start the new year off with.  So, this is a bit late as well.  Know it’s not much but, enjoy!  🙂 xx

Baby Girl

Pain and pleasure.  That is what he is giving me.  Pain.  Stingy and hard smacks from wood and leather implements.  The crop with its quick stingy pops that pepper my bottom and turn me on and making me squeal, especially when my pussy gets added to the equation.  The small wooden thin paddle with sharp pops to make me moan and want more.  The hard thick small wooden paddle that feels it is cutting into my skin making my eyes spring tears up and have me crying out.  The thick hard larger paddle with its thudding hurt that makes me groan and shake, making me feel I can’t take much more.  Then to top it off and bring it to a close… pleasure.  He fingers my cunt and plays with my clit with his tongue and a vibrating toy until I beg to come and find my release.  And it’s never just once.  He takes me hard, not being able to hold out any longer.  Or he will sink his cock deep in my throat to take care of his needs as he takes care of mine.  He will do it over and over again until we are exhausted and spent.  Then we snuggle together on the bed, holding each other and just being there.


Pain and pleasure.  I love giving her both and exploring both with her.  Pain.  Feeling the implement, whether leather or wood hitting that lovely round beautiful bottom.  Feeling the warmth that grows as I cover her butt with pops, hits and blows.  Hearing the peppery pops of the crop and her squeals it brings out of her.  The moans she gives with each crisp pop of the thin wooden paddle and the wetness I feel gaining in her cunt. The cries she lets out when bringing the painful small thick paddles down on her arse, letting me know how much it really hurts.  The groans she gives as I use the thickest wooden paddle on her, knowing by the shakes she won’t last long.  The pleasure.  As I feel and hear all she is given by me and all she gives in response, I am so horny I know precum is on the tip of my cock, aching to take her but holding out to give her all I can.  It is now time to pleasure her and bring her to her release.  Using my fingers, tongue and even vibrator to spur her on, it does not take long for her to come and then again.  I can’t wait any longer and I take her.  We are both spent by the time we are done and cuddling together on the bed, warm from the afterglow.

Kat xx

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Festivities – Prompt #343

This year has been a lot of ups and downs for me.  I honestly can’t wait to see this year behind me.

I love the Christmas Holiday season normally.  Surrounded by family and friends.  Good food, great conversations and love shared by all in just enjoying the time together.  I have felt alone some of the time this season, even when surrounded by those I love.  Feeling as though something is missing, as though a part of me is missing.  I hate that.

I really hope this won’t be the case next year.

I love when I can feel the love between all.  The happiness being together brings in and just the sheer joy of it all.  It was missing from me and that makes me sad and I really hated it.  But that, I hope, will change.  I know it will take time.

This year I basically went through the motions.  I really wasn’t excited about getting the gifts for others, which I normally love to do.  I put everything off until last minute when I absolutely had no choice but to do something or upset the ones I love.  Soooo not me.  I love to get things for others and watch them open their gifts and be all excited about what they receive.  It makes me happy.  But it just didn’t do it for me this year.

I loved being around my family and friends, but just felt off and on my own even with them all there.  I hate this feeling and I am really wanting January to get here to start a new year that I hope is filled with fulfillment, joy, love, strength, understanding and self-love. I know there is still some bumpy roads ahead and some rollercoaster rides as well, but as long as I am surrounded by those I love and that love me no matter what, I can get through it.

I have also found that being here, able to share on this blog and write (learning more and more every day), I am working through these things and finding a healing I wouldn’t get anywhere else.  I haven’t shared all my problems.  I guess I’m not ready to give the full low down.  But being here, able to converse with all you wonderful bloggers, feeling a part of this community and sharing so much with each other, I really believe this is helping me with getting through.

My goal for the new year is to get a handle on my schedule here in participating in the prompts, participating in the Smut Marathon (even if it might be briefly, though I hope not), perfecting my writing and finding the true me in my writing so that I might make a difference in some small way.  I know it has meant the world to me to get the feed back and input from so many great writers here. And making the friends I have made so far❣️

I do feel blessed through everything♥️

Kat xx

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Wicked Time


Wicked time why fly as you do?

To leave us grasping, hanging on to now

Like wanting the sky to stay light and blue

Or the words and promises of soft vows

What is the purpose of it going so fast

As if all it can do is go as a blast

Of lightening as it flashes by

To make you wonder and sigh

Longing for the days that have passed

Even though the memories they last

We have had some amazing impressions made together

No matter the season, no matter the weather

So for this I cannot wait, even though it keeps flying by

The times we have ahead to help us clarify

How much we mean to one another

And the connection to take us further

Kat xx


Secret Door – Wicked Wednesday

doors-1767562__480As Rebel explains:

So, the prompt…

Use a title of a song as your prompt and title of your piece.

It’s as easy as that. You can use any song you want… and your piece can be erotica, something about the song, an image… anything YOU want!

Imagine as you listen to the words.  A romantic insight.  This is where they take me:

There is a secret door in my mind.  One that is open to my Daddy’s words and imagination.  One that when opened and walked through can lead me to a whole new world.

Lights out with blindfold, feeding the words to my mind, freeing my soul and heart to do nothing but feel.  Feeling the pain that he gives and the pleasure that releases that pain.  I don’t need to understand, just need to trust in our connection.  To be lost in his world to find my freedom.  At times filled with tears because the pain and pleasure feel so good.

Flying to the heavens that he opens to me through our experiences.  We are together through the same door, a secret door, joined in our love and connection.  The life we choose is one we love and live through.  Sharing our combined pain and pleasure in trying new things and finding more and more of what we love together.


Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay

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Playfulness – Wicked Wednesday


I am blessed to have a Daddy Dom that sees the fun in our dynamic and the comical way we are at times in what we do, on a daily basis and in our play/scene times.  For me and who I am, I find the fun in most things.  So, to have someone that appreciates  that and does that himself for the most part, that’s why I say I am blessed.

I am a playful person and when my last relationship was falling apart and I was anxious and stressed all the time, it was very hard to find the fun in anything.  So, when I went in search of a change and something that would make me happy and give the fun/playfulness back into my life, I met Daddy.

At first I thought I needed the seriousness to guide me to get my life straight.  His guidance, understanding and control definitely helped me along. But it’s the fun side; his love of dress up, his ability to see the comical fun side of things and not being so very serious about things regarding part of our play times, that helped me overall get back to me and find the enjoyment in my life again.

Like when we play school girl or cheerleader, I can be cute, silly, pouty and flirty while we play and it’s part of the play that is expected.  I can go all into those characters without much worry that Daddy will get upset at me.  For the most part, when he acts stern and all upset Daddy on me, it’s him playing his part to be in character to give me my spankings and punishment in our play.  I see a twinkle in his eye and a lift of his lip at times trying to stay in character when I am being so “bad.”

Even when we play a serious sexy scene and there I am in my lingerie, stockings and heels, and Daddy has me bending over the bed with my feet on the floor, legs spread, and there go my feet in their heels slipping! I can’t help but giggle because here I am trying to be serious and follow Daddy’s direction and my feet are having other thoughts in the matter.  Daddy will then giggle for a second (cause he just can’t help it either) and then get back into character and say, “Kitten, stay put and stop moving around so Daddy can get at you properly (knowing I can’t and will finally give in).  Okay, get up on the bed then.  We will continue there.”

Some in the lifestyle may think that is improper or wrong, but it’s our dynamic and I love it.  I would not be able to be with someone, nor trust them, if all they were all the time was serious.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is always a time and place to be funny and playful, but we definitely take our D/s relationship seriously and of course have our serious times too.  But thank goodness I found someone who appreciates who I am, all of me, as I do him.

I have to be able to have the fun playfulness in my life!

Kat xx

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Wicked Wednesday – Writing

For years I wrote poems, from the time I was in middle school.  I then tried to write lyrics as well.  The older I got the more I wanted to write a book, but I didn’t know how to do it and what I needed to do to be able to get it published and out into the world.  When I finally wrote my first book a few years ago I ended up selling it as a ebook because I had no idea how to get it published otherwise without spending an obscene amount of money to do so.

I then was going through a really hard time in my life, when everything seemed to be changing and turning my world upside down.  I wanted a way to write it all down and maybe share it and get insight, as well as maybe come in contact with others that knew and understood what I was going through.  So I started my blog here on WordPress eight months ago.  March 24th to be exact.  I started by writing short stories and sharing some things I was going through.

Wanting to reach out to more people, I started participating in some of the weekly prompts.  Not only have I reached more people but I feel a part of a community now.  It’s hard to call myself a writer, even though I love writing and could pretty much write every day about something.  But when I get comments and responses from those I consider “real writers” and “experienced bloggers” I get all excited and gushy like a fan girl.  I feel so honored to have others like my stories and posts.  It makes me all giddy to see when others like my blog posts.

I honestly had no clue what I was doing when I started writing here.  I am not kidding. And still feel clueless! But I am having fun and enjoy being able to put down in writing the thoughts I have and the stories that come flowing out of my fingertips once I start and let my mind go.  I love the way it soothes me and centers me when nothing else will at times.

I know you’re not supposed to, but I can’t help comparing my work to others that I think are amazing writers.  I know I have my own style, as we all do, but it evolves as I continue to learn and try new things.  I love to see where I might go next.

I just hope others get something out of my writing and I can continue to do this for as long as I can. I thank each and every one of you reading this right now.  It means so much that you would take the time to read something I wrote.

Kat xx

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