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So, I didn’t do this for a week or two during the holidays.

I am back! And boy it has been really hard deciding on my favorite posts picks for some of the prompts I participate in.  I have shared the link for each weekly prompt so you can check out the other hot posts I didn’t share here!

So here we go:

Masturbation Monday: Brought to you by Kayla Lords

*I must say, Floss of Floss Does Life and her [Erotica] Sir’s Timepiece Part 2 was a great hot follow up to last week’s prompt of Sir’s Timepiece

*Lascivious Lucy shares her story Brat where this little Princess gets her punishment.  Or is it really punishment? Hmmm…

*On Queer Street shares Peppermint Tea and Nipple Pinching and ohhh is it sooo sizzling hot!

TMI Tuesday:

I don’t pick any from this prompt but it is so much fun getting to know other bloggers through participating in this one!

Wicked Wednesday: Brought to you by Marie Rebelle

I really got a lot out of this week’s prompt.  Before and After had a lot of us sharing some part of ourselves.

Like Floss of Floss Does Life (yes, Floss again! Ha!) On her Life Before, After & Letting Love In

And Marie Rebel of Rebels Notes and her Four Symbols showing her beautiful tattoo she had done for her mom

And then E. L. Byrne and the Before and After story of her wonderful journey

Friday Flash: Brought to you by F Dot Leonora

One of my favorite prompts to join in on.  It is challenging to come up with a story, poem or writing for a few words (35-500), therefore the reason it is a “Flash”  I didn’t participate since December 14th but did so this week.  Go to the link attached above and see who all is participating and what great writing there is for those short amount of words!

Kink of the Week:  Brought to you by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

For this prompt Molly gives you more time to get your posts in.  (Like this current one is Jan 1-16)  I love the stories and insights to the bloggers with these posts.  Check them out by following the link above!

Sinful Sunday: Brought to you by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

I participated in this prompt once. There are beautiful (sinful and sensual) pictures to see so go check them out at the link I share above!

My posts for this past week:

*Mirror Time for Masturbation Monday

*TMI Tuesday’s Fill in the Blanks

*Before and After for Wicked Wednesday

*Glass Full for Friday Flash

*Night Time Sex for Kink of the Week



Sleeping, Drowsy Sex/Nighttime Sex

bed-linen-1149842__480Kink of the Week January 1-16: Sleeping, drowsy sex/Nighttime sex

I love the day time fully awake sex.  I love the playtime, power exchange, pain and pleasure sex.


Ever have those nights when you are sleeping so good and feel your partner stir beside you so kind of wake up to see if all is okay?  Then you hear, “Daddy needs Kitten to give Daddy’s cock some love and attention.”  So you scoot up beside him, slowly run your hand up and down his already hard shaft.  Hear him moan as you work it just the way he likes.  Then you drift a bit because you are still in a sleepy state until you feel him lift his hips to get you to continue.  Making him happy is what you love so you take care of his needs, either by mouth or hand.  You snuggle back up together and then you both fall fast asleep.

Or what about waking from your sleep to the feeling of your man running his foot up and down your leg slowly, then when he feels you stir, turns you on your back and goes down on you enjoying your essence and taste, bringing you to a wonderful sleepy climax.

Then there is the time where your back is to your partner and you are sleeping so soundly you swear you are in a dream where you are being caressed and fondled into a horny mess.  And your need is so strong, to just be fucked right then and there.  Thank goodness your need is met in kind and it happens just the way you need it. 

Okay, yes, I have had some great, what I call sleepy sex.  I also admit that if I am sleeping I would rather continue sleeping than be awakened to anything.  But I confess completely that if I am pulled out of my sleep slowly and sexily (love this word I got from Posy Churchgate in a comment on one of my posts!), I am all in it!  When it feels like a dream pulling me into that sleepy sex, I don’t know what it is, but it is some of the most amazing sex! 

So yes, I do like the sleepy drowsy sex.  The night-time sex when you are stirred awake to have that need satisfied.  I love it.  Don’t you?

Kat xx

*Picture from Pixabay

Glass Full – Friday Flash

My glass is so full.  Full of you and what you give to me daily.  The discipline, guidance, love and care.  The pain and pleasure that accompanies this.  When we are together its like we were never apart.  We go through a day like it was destined always to be so.  With working through things, enjoying each other, play times and rest.

When “working through things and enjoying each other”, it is bringing us closer on a level of the mind and strength in building our understanding of one another.

When play times come, it brings us closer emotionally through all the pain and pleasure and feeding off each other.  With the spankings, dress up and giving pleasure in the sex and love we share.

And when we are apart it is as though I go numb for a while, like I and my body are waiting patiently for the time we will be back together again.  But then you bring me back to the present and the working together even though apart.  For now it is the normal way we are.

You have given me so much so I always feel loved and blessed.  My glass is never half empty or half full.  It is always full of your love and my love for you.

Kat xx

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Before and After


Before and After….

There are so many before and afters I could share.  From before and after my first boyfriend, to before and after getting married, to before and after my children being born, etc…. sooo many to choose from. 

Now that my marriage is ending there is a new before and after I am working on.  The before and after of me.  

Before, I was this individual that was co-dependent on a person, sensitive to confrontation, unsure of myself and feeling I wasn’t good enough so deserved what I got.  I felt it was my place to take care of everything in my life and family or no one else would do it.  I took on all responsibility and should have given some of the duties out to my partner, but felt he wasn’t able many times to do so.  I didn’t want to argue or make waves so tried to make everyone happy and comfortable.  I became unsure of my worth and ability to handle things the right way.  I was not confident in me.  Therefore I began to feel I was not good enough for anything more than what I got or how I lived.  Getting through should be enough as long as those around me were content and taken care of.  As long as I was trying to fix things and make sure all was okay, I was doing what I was supposed to.  Right?

Boy did I find that was wrong.  I was so wrong!  One person cannot do everything and at some point that person will break or be unable to bother with what they should be able to do on a regular basis.  

Once I realized I couldn’t take on all the responsibility;  once I realized I couldn’t fix everything, especially people, I got to the point where I was done and knew I needed help.  

It took a while but I finally sought out and developed a great support system in friends, family and counseling.  I was determined to get myself and my life straight.

After, I committed to making myself right and in finding ways to strengthen myself.  Not only in the strength God gives me in my daily happenings and faith, but in finding those that have either been through what I am going through or are in the process as well.  Finding those I can talk to, like my counselor, my Daddy (my wonderful man and Dom) and those that support me because they love me and have faith in me.  And I have developed some amazing friendships through all this that get me through daily.  

My finding and delving into Kink has had a big part of finding me too and I will not discount this at all.  I suppressed that part of me for a very long time but Daddy has helped me find a part of me that was hiding for way too long and has been just waiting for the right partner and time to come out.  

Not only all the above, but I have found this avenue here on my blog.  I can share and talk with others that understand and can share their stories as well.  We are not alone, none of us.  There are those out there that are going through, or have gone through, the same or similar things.  This is a wonderful support system right here and I am so happy I found it.  I don’t believe I have been through anything serious, in comparison to so many here, but we all struggle at some point.  We all have different levels of what we have been through.  Everyone is different and therefore will go through, even if similar, varying levels of what ever it might be we go through.  

I have found that not only do I have support here but I have found my absolute love for writing and more.  I am a creative person and here I can give my creativity wings.  Whether it be stories, short stories, flash stories or poems.  I have also found my love for drawing, painting and music again.  

So, this after part of me, she is ongoing and I can’t wait to see what this part of me grows into and out of.   There are so many avenues opening up to me that I never thought I would see or have access to and I am amazed every day how blessed I am.  

I know I still have a long way to go so I will continue on my path of learning and growing and hope you all will stay with me and enjoy, comment and like my blog as I go forward.  You all mean so much to me!

Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

TMI Tuesday – Fill in the blanks


New Year. New Hopes. And another new TMI Tuesday. Cheers!

Fill in the blanks.

1. I want to repeat nothing . I have had both good and bad times this past year and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.
2. I want to lose about 20 more pounds . I may not get there but that would be nice.
3. I want to gain more knowledge and understanding . I want to be a better writer and person in this coming year.
4. I want to enjoy life and all it has to give . I don’t want to waste any moment that comes.
5. I want to savor , as above, every moment that is given to me and every person that comes in my life and adds to it .
6. I need more time, patience, money, just everything! Ha!

Bonus: I will succeed in many things . I have a lot of goals and things I am determined to succeed in this year.  If not completely, at least showing that I have tried my best.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Mirror Time


“We are trying something new tonight my Kitten.”  He walks around me, taking in what I am wearing.  My black hold-ups and black heels.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  As he walks behind me he gives both my ass cheeks a slap.  

“Good girl.  Now, I want you over there in front of the mirror in that chair I have placed in front of it.” 

I walk over to the chair and sit carefully facing the mirror.  

“Now my darling girl, I want you to watch yourself in the mirror while you masturbate.  I will be watching and taking it all in.  I may even join in if it gets to a point I can’t keep away.  Do you understand my request?”

“Yes Sir, Daddy, I understand.” This is something we have talked about before but I had thought it was just a fantasy that I possibly might not do.  I am so self-conscious so it’s already hard to watch myself, in both pictures and real life. I have been working on feeling better about my body image, with the help from Daddy, but it is still hard.  So, to finally be faced with doing this as Daddy watches, is hitting me as both anxious and erotic.  

“Now my girl, make Daddy proud. Show me how my gorgeous kitten can please herself. But remember, you must ask Daddy if you can cum.”

“Yes Sir, I remember.”

I begin by delicately touching my nipples, pinching them softly and then massaging my breasts, watching my hands take each one fondly.  After a few minutes I then slide my hands down my stomach, circling and touching my belly button, then moving on down to my moistening mound.  I stop just as I touch my pussy, then move back up to my neck, caressing it before moving back down again.  

I hear Daddy move a bit closer behind me and hear his breathing catch as I continue the journey down my body back to my cunt.  I slide my fingers down my lips and back up again to my clit, circling it for a minute then moving back to my pussy as I glide two fingers into my opening and back out again.   As I do this, I hear the soaked digits squelching as they move in and out of my cunt, feeling the pleasure build.  

“Open your eyes and look at yourself girl.  No closing the eyes.”

I didn’t realize I had closed my eyes as I lose myself in the feeling and fulfillment of my strokes to my curves and slit.  I open my eyes and look in the mirror at Daddy as he is standing directly behind me and then I look back at myself.  My face flushed and filled with desire and excitement.  I continue to drive my elation onward as I watch myself and Daddy thrill in this journey we have undertaken.  

He slowly slides his hands from my shoulders to my breasts, kneading them as he watches my continuing manipulation of my building intensity.  I am so close now I am squirming and writhing as I feel I am reaching the edge and falling over into such an intense pleasure.  

I finally can’t hold it any more and cry out “Please, Daddy, can I cum?!  Please?!?”

“Are you sure you are ready, Kitten?”

“Yes, oh please Daddy, yes!”

“Then cum baby girl. Cum for Daddy!”

And I cry out as my orgasm washes over me.  As I come down from it Daddy is rubbing me and kissing me gently on my neck and face.  

“What a beautiful good girl you are Kitten.  Daddy enjoyed that and I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you Daddy.”  And I smile back up at him with a gleam in my eyes.  

Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay

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Masturbation Monday

“>Masturbation Monday

Hers/His – A vignette – #344 of Wicked Wednesday


Prompt suggested by Molly.  A vignette is “a brief evocative description, account, or episode” – a bit like a very short story but sometimes they can be a series of vignettes that are somehow related. Maybe they tell the same moment from different peoples perspective or maybe they are a series of short pieces that all relate to the same topic or subject. So your task this week is to write a series of vignettes, how they link, well that is up to you.

I have had a lot going on this week and have already not been able to get some posts done I wanted to do to start the new year off with.  So, this is a bit late as well.  Know it’s not much but, enjoy!  🙂 xx

Baby Girl

Pain and pleasure.  That is what he is giving me.  Pain.  Stingy and hard smacks from wood and leather implements.  The crop with its quick stingy pops that pepper my bottom and turn me on and making me squeal, especially when my pussy gets added to the equation.  The small wooden thin paddle with sharp pops to make me moan and want more.  The hard thick small wooden paddle that feels it is cutting into my skin making my eyes spring tears up and have me crying out.  The thick hard larger paddle with its thudding hurt that makes me groan and shake, making me feel I can’t take much more.  Then to top it off and bring it to a close… pleasure.  He fingers my cunt and plays with my clit with his tongue and a vibrating toy until I beg to come and find my release.  And it’s never just once.  He takes me hard, not being able to hold out any longer.  Or he will sink his cock deep in my throat to take care of his needs as he takes care of mine.  He will do it over and over again until we are exhausted and spent.  Then we snuggle together on the bed, holding each other and just being there.


Pain and pleasure.  I love giving her both and exploring both with her.  Pain.  Feeling the implement, whether leather or wood hitting that lovely round beautiful bottom.  Feeling the warmth that grows as I cover her butt with pops, hits and blows.  Hearing the peppery pops of the crop and her squeals it brings out of her.  The moans she gives with each crisp pop of the thin wooden paddle and the wetness I feel gaining in her cunt. The cries she lets out when bringing the painful small thick paddles down on her arse, letting me know how much it really hurts.  The groans she gives as I use the thickest wooden paddle on her, knowing by the shakes she won’t last long.  The pleasure.  As I feel and hear all she is given by me and all she gives in response, I am so horny I know precum is on the tip of my cock, aching to take her but holding out to give her all I can.  It is now time to pleasure her and bring her to her release.  Using my fingers, tongue and even vibrator to spur her on, it does not take long for her to come and then again.  I can’t wait any longer and I take her.  We are both spent by the time we are done and cuddling together on the bed, warm from the afterglow.

Kat xx

*Pic from Pixabay