Are you ready…to continue?

IMG_3470“Are you ready to continue, Kitten?”

I groan, “yes Daddy, if you wish. I am ready.”

I can hear the grin on Daddy’s face as he says, “What is it babygirl? Do you need something from Daddy?”

“I am hanging on the edge Daddy. May I please cum?”

“I see. We are almost there darling girl.  Not yet.”

I take a deep breath and say, “Yes, Sir.”

“I am just getting to my new paddle I have been wanting to use on my baby’s lush bottom.  And here we go, Kitten.”

“Yes, Sir, Daddy.”

He picks up the new wooden paddle with holes in it and begins softly around my cheeks and upper thighs.  As he continues he gets harder with his hits and I am yelping by the time he stops. He places the paddle beside me on the bed and reaches in to feel how sopping wet I am.

“So, is Daddy’s girl ready to come for me?”

“Oh yes, Pleeeaassse, Daddy!”

He pushes two fingers in reaching my g-spot along with circling my clit and when he feels I am about to fall over the edge he whispers in my ear, “Cum for me babygirl, cum!”

I orgasm so hard, I shout my pleasure out.

“Good girl.”

“Thank you Daddy,” I say breathlessly.

“Oh, we are just getting started, Kitten.”


Yes, Sir, I am ready…

As he begins to pepper my cheeks with his hand as a warm up, I feel all toasty and warm, letting out a mewl with his attention to making me all pink and rosy.  He stops a moment and rubs both cheeks taking in the work he has done so far.  He then changes over to the brush paddle.

“Brush paddle now Kitten. Ready?”

“Yes, Sir, I am ready.”

“Good girl, Kitten.”

He then proceeds to work the paddle over both cheeks and upper thighs, starting light and working up to a harder contact.  Certain spots are feeling more sensitive and I begin to take a sharp breath in each time these spots are reached.

He pauses once again and touching each cheek he comments on how lovely the color is.  He picks up the leather paddle and once again lets me know we are beginning and he continues.

The contact is even more intense and at times I squeal at the sharp pain that hits certain areas.  Knowing this is not as hard as it can be, I take in the feelings and focus on the sensations and my body’s reactions.  Then once again he pauses and asks me if I am okay.

“Yes Sir,” I say.

He reaches between my legs and touches my girlie parts saying, “Hmmm…seems like my babygirl is enjoying this a bit.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.”

“Okay, Kitten, I am going to have you count these next ones. There will be 20. After each I want you to say, ‘Thank you Daddy, may I have another?’ Understand babygirl?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand.”

“Good girl.”

He picks up the larger leather paddle and begins.  As he continues, each spanking gets harder and he is covering all over my cheeks and upper thighs, especially the sweet spots.  By the time we are at 16 I am squealing and moaning before saying my “Thank you Daddy, may I have another.”  I am almost breathless from the intensity and overwhelmingly horny and needing a release.

He stops as we reach 20 and says, “Good girl, Kitten. You took that very well.”

Breathlessly I say, “Thank you, Daddy.”

Are you ready?…


Those three words send a thrill through me as I wait in anticipation to what comes next.

Having received the call as he is on his way home.  Directing me to prepare myself as he wishes.  His day has been exhausting and leaving him tense.  His best medicine is coming home to me and our play time together.  It brings him the release and focus he needs to wash the day away.

As I take my shower and prepare myself for him, I think of all we mean to each other and what we give one another on a daily basis.  I am blessed to have a man that respects me for who I am and yet guides me to be even better than I am.  And I in turn give him the support and love he needs as well as myself.  We give one another that extra something that we could not find in any one else.

As I kneel by the bed prepared for what he needs, I hear the close of a car door and then the door of the house open and close.  Hearing his footsteps on the hardwood floor and feeling my heart beats pick up as he gets closer to the bedroom.  Knowing his need is met with mine.  He walks into the room and sees me there, he walks over and kisses the top of my head.  He looks me over then tells me to get up on the bed and get on my hands and knees ready for him.  I do this quickly knowing what comes soon.

I hear him undress and pick out the paddles and implements he loves to use.  Once he is ready, he walks over to the bed behind me and says, “Are you ready, Kitten?”

There’s that thrill I love. “Yes Sir.”

“Good Girl.”

LDR – Long Distance Relationship


A long distance relationship (LDR) is so damn hard! 

One minute you feel totally in sync with your partner, the next you feel totally unattached and inadequate.  At least that is me.  I try so hard to not do this.  It doesn’t help when I get this way.  I get emotional and even depressed letting my over active thoughts go wild and crazy.  I know they are unsubstantial and not true and yet I start believing them.  

Why I do this, I don’t understand.  I know he loves me.  I know I am special to him and we are so good together.  I love him so very much and want to be all he needs, all in one person.  

This is how I was yesterday. We didn’t have hardly any contact all day; circumstances didn’t allow it. So, we were distant from each other, no communication hardly and missing each other like crazy!

So when we finally get to talk there is tension and miscommunication and I over-think about it all night and don’t get hardly any sleep for it.  

Then today was basically the same and when we finally talk we blow up at each other and both feel so distant from one another.  We finally calm down and talk and spend the time we have been craving together just talking and reconnecting.  

It sucks being so far apart and unable to connect when we want to.  It’s like a part of ourselves is missing until we are back together again.

He gets me through


Speaking from this sub point of view, I have been so out of sync lately that I just feel if I was with Daddy right now, all would be fine and just right.  But due to my crazy life and the “stuff” I am dealing with, we are apart for now.  And it is driving me NUTS! 

We talk daily and message daily throughout the day.  But its just not the same as when you are right there together, able to touch and talk face to face.  I am yearning for this more and more every day.  

Its like a craving.  You have had it once or twice and because of this you want it more.  Crave it, want it, need it, got to have it….NOW!

I know we will get there but the getting through all the other stuff is the pits.  I have the best Dom/Daddy a girl could ever have.  I am thankful every day to have him in my life.  Knowing he loves me as much, if not more (yes I know, Daddy), than I love him, is amazing to me. And knowing this gets me through these times. It pulls me through.  

Kitty Kat